Counting Down...

Tomorrow, the countdown to the big day begins. While we have the "traditional" open-the-paper-flaps advent calendar in the house, I also wanted to do a "non-traditional" approach too:

advent-5 advent-4 advent-6

Yup, that's what you think it is... 24 wrapped books. One for each bedtime, or "sleep," before Christmas. I actually have a 25th book that Spencer will find under the tree Christmas morning as well. In full disclosure, I saw this done last year on oohdeedoh... But I didn't have enough books then. This year, it's a whole new ballgame people! I've been collecting holiday and winter themed books for several years now, but this project inspired me to pick up a few more after the holiday last year. And yes, I still had to make one last desperate run out today because I miscounted. Luckily, T@rget has a bunch in the dollar sp*t.

I created a set of tags to put on the books, and I plan to write the name of the book on the back and the reaction Spencer had as a momento (and a reminder for me for next year!) In years to come, I might also use these tags to string on a garland with "activities" instead of books... but that's obviously not appropriate for Spencer at this point.

I'm really excited to see what he thinks. I'm looking forward to "mixing a little holiday" into our routine, and making it special.

[An aside. I really struggled to stay the course here. Especially when I saw this one. And this one. Oh, and this one. Sigh... and this one. And, of course, this one. Thank goodness skip*to*my*lou just posted this today... I would have had three more advent projects on my plate otherwise! I could keep linking, but you get the idea. Right?!]

And, if you are still looking to pick up a good book or two for a child in your life this holiday season, check out the NY Times "Best Illustrated Books of 2010". I definitely have my eye on a few of those!