"Cuggle Time"

Overall, there's really nothing good about Roxy being sick. The exception to that is this:


{Stopping for a "cuggle" aka "cuddle" break.}

Since Roxy's illness, Spencer has been much more aware of, kind to, and loving towards Doodles. Lately, stopping mid-play is not unheard of to share a little love. (Prior to this it would have been stopping to torment her.) And you know what? That melts . my . heart . Thinking about how far these two have come in such a short time is overwhelming at times. While I hope that Roxy Doodles will live forever... the reality is, she won't. And that was made all too obvious to me a couple of weeks ago. We could have lost her. So here is where I take a lesson from my son, and take time to cherish all the good she brings into my life. Even if it means I have to put the laptop/book/whatever down for half an hour to make room for a doggie head on my leg. Because really, is there anything more important than letting a loved one know exactly that? That they are loved?