Halloween : "Ah Feat!"

{Fear not, this is the last post friends} I had equal parts excitement and apprehension going into Halloween. I knew this would be the year that Spencer "got it," which was really exciting... but also slightly overwhelming given his sweet tooth. This kid knows his candy and is willing to go to the ends of the earth to get a piece, so I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen once he realized people would willingly give him pieces, just for ringing the doorbell...

Every year, the trick-or-treating festivities kick off with a party at our neighbors house. There's an early dinner of pizza and sandwiches, as well as snacks and drinks. The mood was definitely set for a ghoulishly good time:

halloween-partay halloween-partay-2

Spencer and Dada took in the scene...


Until Spencer spied his "girlfriend" and off they went...


In the 'hood, Spencer tends to be the center of the party. Especially with the "big kids" ... and you better believe Spencer revels in it...

halloween-partay-6 halloween-partay-7


There were so many great costumes this year...these are just a handful of them!


{Vampire Fairy}


{Witch & Hedwig}


{Oodles of Hogwarts students were present}


{"May I take your order?!"}


{Cat in the Hat}


{"My name is LUKE."}




{"It is way too cold to put my whole costume on!"}

It was COLD. Frigid, actually. I'm glad I bought the "slightly big" costume... it allowed for three shirts, two pants and a fleece hoodie to fit under it.

We took one quick picture with "the boys"...


And, of course, a group shot...


And then it was off to get the goods!


{"Can't this thing go any quicker?!"}


{The first house.}

There's a few things I want to remember about this moment... One, how he was peeking in the sidelight in anticipation, waiting for them to answer the door. Two, how when the door opened, he immediately invited himself inside (this happened many times throughout the night). And three, how big his eyes got when he saw the bowl of candy produced for him to "pick" from.

It took exactly two houses for him to get the routine down... and then there was no stopping him.

halloween-partay-21 halloween-partay-31 halloween-partay-32

A typical "stop" on the "Trick-or-Treat Tour" involved the ringing of the doorbell... a loud "Ah Feat!" (as in "or treat") from Spencer, followed by the word "TWO!" (as in "TWO treats, please!") It was surprising how many people laughed and then did exactly as he asked. After exclamations of how cute he was, natch.

This post would not be complete without a feature on my friends house. Look at the awesomeness she created...

halloween-partay-22 halloween-partay-23 halloween-partay-24 halloween-partay-25 halloween-partay-26 halloween-partay-27 halloween-partay-28



Awesome, right?!

I'm pretty sure this ranks up there as one of the best nights in Spencer's life. And I think he's finally caught on that it's not a nightly occurrence. For about a week after, Spencer would look outside, exclaim it "Dark Out!" and then ask "Ah feat?!" To which I responded "Sorry buddy, not tonight." And then willed myself not to look at his crest-fallen face. Good thing the holiday festivities are coming up, that should help distract him - right?!