The Invalid


Just over two weeks ago, Roxy woke up one morning... and couldn't walk. Three vet visits in three days yielded no answers. Luckily, we ruled out a ton of bad things. Like cancer. (longest. morning. of. my. life.) But we also ruled out all the good things too... and by good, I mean easy to treat. So where did that leave us? Well, with a huge vet bill and lots of meds to treat the symptoms. Surprisingly, it's been working. Two days ago, Roxy went out back (which requires navigating 20 deck stairs). Today she actually bounced around a little. Still no donuts in the living room, but I can live without those. Everyone is pretty much scratching their heads and wondering if we chalk it up to an early Christmas miracle.

But those two weeks?! Ugh. They were a long two weeks. We had to go out front every time she needed to go to the bathroom (only three stairs for me to carry her down) which required me getting three of us ready to go outside, which is no small feat now that coats and hats are involved. Many times Roxy's legs would give out on her while we were outside and I'd have to get her back up and stabilized. (All the time trying to keep the two-year-old from getting into all sorts of trouble.) And I don't even want to talk about the walks that ended when she decided she couldn't go any further. I also don't want to talk about the late night outings where I could see eyes looking at me from across the retention pond. We have a lot of wildlife in these parts, but I'm pretty sure those were just some house cats out for a leisurely midnight stroll... right?!

Anyway, we made it. At times, barely... but we did it. With all the bad that this situation brought, it also brought some moments I will always cherish. Like this one, where I found Spencer reading one of his favorite books to Doodles. Considering I spend more time than I want running interference between these two, it's nice to know that they do genuinely care about each other...

invalid-doodles-3 invalid-doodles-4 invalid-doodles-2