Halloween : Boo at the Zoo

Like many of you, our local zoo had Boo @ the Zoo. We decided to make the most of this. Not only did we go one evening, we also made sure to visit during the day too. (Boo at the zoo meant there were lots and lots of decorations up in the weeks leading up to the holiday.) One afternoon, Spencer and I headed over to check them out, in part for fun... and in part to make sure they weren't going to freak him out. (I'd much rather find that out ahead of time)


[First up, we checked out this cat. It was a big hit with Spencer!]


["Anything down here?!"]


["ooo, what's in here?!"]


["Mama, there are some crazy ghosts in that house!"]


This is the part I was most worried about... the "scarier" part of Halloween. Spencer was running along the path (does anyone else's child *only* run?! I feel like Spencer has one gear, full speed ahead!) He spied this out of the corner of his eye and came up short. He stood there looking at it for a moment, then turned to me and said "Mama, sick!" and then pointed at the skeleton. Yup, he definitely is a little sick. At least it didn't scare him.

halloween-zoo-6 halloween-zoo-22

[Then we found these awesome pumpkins...]


[Which Spencer felt the need to punch. Over, and over, and over.]


[No trip to the zoo is complete without a ride on the train.]


[I love his little hand holding on here...]


[The train ride actually proved to be a great way to see all the decorations.]



halloween-zoo-12 halloween-zoo-13

["Mama. do you mind?! I'm sightseeing here!"]


After the choo choo, Spencer got a special treat, his first ever "hoodsie cup." (You may recall this post where you can see him shoveling it in...) To say it was a hit would be an understatement.

halloween-zoo-15 halloween-zoo-16 halloween-zoo-17 halloween-zoo-18

["What do you mean you want to share?!"]


["OK, one bite!"]

halloween-zoo-20 halloween-zoo-21

["I need a napkin."]

These photos have nothing to do with Halloween, or the zoo, but they are kind of cute. Spencer and the big rock. What more could a little boy ask for?!

halloween-zoo-24 halloween-zoo-25 halloween-zoo-26 halloween-zoo-27 halloween-zoo-28

After a successful visit to the zoo to visit the decorations in the day, we headed back for the official "Boo at the Zoo." The trip almost didn't happen when we saw how crazy the parking lot was and the lines. But we couldn't resist the little voice in the back seat saying "Zoo.... Please... Zooooo! Please?!?" We're so glad we sucked it up - Spencer had a blast.


[Checking out all the sites...]

I'm pretty sure it blew Spencer's mind to be out after dark. And he's still talking about how he went to the zoo when it was dark out and went on the choo choo and all the animals were sleeping.


[Waiting for the train ride to start.]

halloween-boozoo-3 halloween-boozoo-4 halloween-boozoo-5

[Checking out the cat at night... notice Spencer is nowhere to be found. He wanted nothing to do with the cat when it was all lit up.]

halloween-boozoo-6 halloween-boozoo-7

["Yup, the crazy ghosts are still here."]

halloween-boozoo-8 halloween-boozoo-9

["Can we get this guy out of here so I can sit in here?!"]

halloween-boozoo-10 halloween-boozoo-11

[And, of course...]


[No trip to the zoo with Dada is complete without a ride on the carousel!]



(Don't worry, there's only one more Halloween-related post left. But next up are a few flashback posts...)