Halloween : The Goodies

Inspired by several of you, I attempted "cooking" with Spencer a couple of times over the past few weeks. And by "cooking," I mean "baking." Minimal baking. In fact, I'm not even sure you would classify this as baking... but we're getting there! (Hey, I need to ease into this... it's slightly terrifying!) Many of you asked what was in the oven in this post. Why, these:


{pun-can cookies!}

Spencer spied these at the grocery store, and was so excited, I just had to buy them. Ironically, the part he liked best was rolling up the "spare" dough from around the shapes and dipping it in the colored sugar. We'll be doing lots of similar cookies for Christmas I think... he was sooo good, and so intent and focused! (Now I just jinxed it, I'm sure.)


{admiring his handiwork}


{so proud!}

After anxiously waiting for them to bake, we let them cool... then tried them out!

cookies-2 cookies cookies-3

{I think he liked them...}

Bolstered by that success under my belt, I took on a slightly more "intense" cooking project. We made candy corn rice krispie treats! This was actually a great first baking project for us. Enough things for Spencer to help with while I handled the more dangerous parts... and the mixing of the krispies and the marshmallows was a huge hit. Who knew?!


{breaking up the candy corns...}

halloween-krispie-treats-2 halloween-krispie-treats-3

{measuring the krispies}


{decorating the top}

halloween-krispie-treats-5 halloween-krispie-treats-6

{admiring his masterpiece}

And, this video cracks me up. Completely not staged or prompted (if it were, I would have had the focus correct)...

Of course, we needed to sample them:


{just a little taste...}


{whoooaaa! this is "UM-MEEE!"}


{and stringy!}

halloween-krispie-treats-10 halloween-krispie-treats-11 halloween-krispie-treats-12



{sugar coma?}


{I need some help here...}

We also made sure to share:


I had also hoped to make some cute cupcakes... but that didn't happen with the lack of sleep. Next week though!