Holy Halloween, Batman!

I haven't really been paying attention to how much Halloween goodness we've had going on around here, figuring I would document it all in one post at the end of the holiday. Kind of like a wrap-up post. (I even had a name for the post - "Halloween Happenings") That was all fine and good, until I realized that I had 140 photos to post. Yeah... that's not going to really work as a wrap-up post. Now, I know I take a lot of photos, but this shocked even me. (And that's the whittled down set!) Insane. So, apologies in advance for this post, and the three subsequent posts you are about to see over the next few days. All of which probably have more photos than you care to see, unless you're family. Or a Halloween fanatic. (ahem, you know who you are.) First up, the costume. As you saw in this post, Spencer was a giraffe. This was all him. I had another [really cool] costume planned when a simple trip to Home*Goods derailed that. We were browsing for his bedding when all of the sudden he started yelling "raffe! raffe!" I thought, "Sheets with giraffes?! that would be awesome." Then I saw where he was pointing. He had spied a whole rack of animal costumes. So we picked out a "raffe suit." I figured he would tire of it before we even left the store. Nope. He carried it all through the store, showing it to anyone who would look. When we got to the register, we couldn't even pry it from his hands to ring it up. (He was terrified it was staying at the store.) We got home and he immediately had to try it on:

speraffe speraffe-2 speraffe-3

{he looooooved checking himself out in the mirror}

In fact, every time he saw it, he had to try it on. It eventually was hidden in my closet so that it would survive to Halloween. On Friday, my friend Courtney and I had a zoo trip planned. On a whim, I grabbed his costume thinking I might have the opportunity to get a couple of good shots with it. What I didn't expect is all the attention we were going to get. There was no Halloween event there, just another day at the zoo. Now, we've experienced the whispers behind us of "Oh, isn't he so cute" before. I'm sure many of you have. That day, it was a whole new level though... once the suit was on... it was on. He didn't take it off the entire time we were at the zoo. So just imagine the looks and the comments we got as Spencer tore through the zoo, dressed as a giraffe. I was actually a little uncomfortable at times. Spencer, of course, ate it right up. Good thing he isn't shy. So, here you have it... the rest of the photos of "Spenceraffe goes to the zoo"...

Checking out his "peeps":


halloween-zoo-portraits-2 halloween-zoo-portraits-3 halloween-zoo-portraits-4 halloween-zoo-portraits-5 halloween-zoo-portraits-6

{"What do you mean there's a baby giraffe on the loose?!"}

halloween-zoo-portraits-7 halloween-zoo-portraits-8 halloween-zoo-portraits-9

Checking out the other sights at the zoo:

halloween-zoo-portraits-10 halloween-zoo-portraits-12 halloween-zoo-portraits-13

Next up, the yummy goodies we made...