The Big Boy Bed


About two weeks ago, Spencer transitioned to the big boy bed. We've actually had the bed in place since early September, but for one reason or another, didn't make the move. (Illness, bad sleep, Spencer not wanting to...) Then one night, he just decided he wanted to sleep in there. And so he has, not once looking back (knock on wood). It's been so much easier than I expected it to be, and for that I am soooo grateful. He sleeps well (when he's sleeping), he doesn't get out*, and it's comfortable for both of us in there.... which has really helped with the bad sleep pattern we are in right now.

Many of you have asked what we ended up doing. We went back and forth between a "real" bed and a toddler bed for a while. When I saw this bed frame, I knew my search was over. It was exactly what I was looking for, clean and modern. I thought the hard part was over once I chose the frame. Silly me. After searching high and low, Spencer and I finally found his bedding at T*J*Maxx and Home*Goods. I figured I got to choose the bed, so he could choose the bedding. I was bracing myself for a gaudy, hard-to-live with sheet set when he surprised me and picked these out of the line up:


Then he also asked for the "DOTS!" which you can see glimpses of on the bed. I almost fell over, especially given that he was also shown sheets with engines, balls, and boats. (Not all on the same set, different sets) The comforter was a little harder. I picked out three options for him. Two were completely "little boy centric designs" and one was "the-option-Mama-would-pick-if-she-had-her-way." Can you believe he picked the one I really wanted?! When you see it in the room, I think you understand why. It was made to be in this room:

BigBoyBed-7 BigBoyBed-6

You'll notice there are no rails on his bed. We kind of improvised on that for a couple of reasons. First, the bed is rather low to the ground. Second, you'll also see that we've put his crib mattress next to the bed on the floor to cushion any potential falls. We did, however, put the crib up right next to the bed for the first week, until he got used to the new "sleep space." While we noticed that he would prop his legs up on the rails, we didn't see him using it as a barrier from falling to the floor. Once we felt comfortable that he wouldn't be rolling out on an hourly basis, we slid the crib away. I don't want to jinx myself, but so far it's been working perfectly, and I love just sliding the crib mattress under the bed during the day and using the bed as a couch-like seating area.

BigBoyBed-5 BigBoyBed-8

So there you have it! Spencer's new big boy bed!



* OK, so I totally jinxed myself. At nap, I went to check on him and couldn't open the door. As I posted in my f@cebook status, "I think Spencer fell asleep leaning against the door to his room. That, or there is a monster in there, keeping me out."

Never leaves the bed

See his little foot braced against the door?! I actually took this with my i*phone since I could only get the door open about two inches. I actually couldn't even see in there, so not only did I capture the moment, I was able to rest easy knowing there was no monster.