Sunday Snippets

Friday morning, I found this when I took off Spencer's pajamas.


{And it got much, much worse...}

I had a gut feeling it was a reaction to his antibiotic (amox*ocillin)... and a quick visit to the doctor confirmed it. So that's the bad news: He's allergic to amox, which is considered one of the more "tolerable" drugs I believe. The good news is that we got to experience what a visit would be like if there was any possibility of a highly contagious disease. (Which apparently a pimply rash starting on the trunk and spreading to the limbs is an indicator of.) We even got to use the secret "side entrance," which had the added benefit of confusing Spencer enough to keep the "Noooo! Noooo! Noooo Doctah!" at bay. He's been really uncomfortable, so we're glad the end of the rash is in sight.


We're on night three of the "big boy bed" and couldn't be happier with how the transition is going. (No, that wasn't it in the other photos... pics coming soon!) I'm sure that just jinxed it, but considering we had our first "good night" in weeks (no wake-ups in the middle of the night, no being up for hours in the middle of the night, I slept in my own bed all night, sleeping past six...), you could say I'm on a "high" from the situation. Here's a sneak peek...



The big news of the weekend is I bought a new camera. I've been waiting for this camera to come out for months now. To say I'm in love... well, that wouldn't really cover it. (And I haven't even begun to dig into what this baby can do!) Luckily, I have a pretty willing model:


He and I headed out this afternoon to take a photo shoot incorporating a very special item. Stay tuned for that... :-)

*   *   *   *

Other random things on my radar screen and in my head:

Doug introduced me to this site a couple of months ago. I always love the posts, but this most recent post had me "awww"ing out loud when I scrolled to see the kiddos in their hanboks. The downside to reading this blog? I crave a trip back to Korea every.single.time. a new post is up. It's almost a blessing they don't post more often!

I'm loving the most recent wallpapers on the Official Site of Korea Tourism. I'm thinking I need to rotate them on a daily basis. (In case you were wondering, the default one I use is the lantern one from May of last year... it reminds me of our travel since we were there at that time... almost!)

I'm ridiculously inspired by Real Simple's Four Week Dinner Plan. Not so much as to actually do it, mind you... but enough to start mixing it up around here. This means you may all be subjected to random recipe posts in the near future.

I adore this little clutch project...

I'm off to bed now - hope you all have a fabulous start to your week!