The Hair Cut

Today, I lopped off a bunch of my locks. I'd like to say I did something charitable with them, but I didn't... I just hit that point of "I-must-do-something-with-my-hair" and went in to the salon and said "Whatever you want to do, do it." And she did. And I love it. She took a little over 8 inches off the back, and several inches off my shortest front layer. (The pictures below don't do the back justice, it's cut really close to my head.) It's amazing how much lighter my head feels, and how much better I feel about how I look. I hadn't really intended to grow it out quite so long, but ... well ... I struggle to fit haircuts in these days! We toyed with the idea of putting some chunky highlights in the front, but I thought it best to make sure I could maintain the hairstyle first! So, without further ado...






{and yes, that's my natural color}

And just some cute shots from bedtime:


hair-after-5 hair-after-6

And this next photo is not a good one of me at all (look at those bags under my eyes!), but how could I not post this shot of Spencer?!


And completely unrelated:


How sweet is my little boy, waiting for me!?

{Side note: WOW. Two posts in one week with photos of me... record!}