More Tales & Tidbits from Spencerland

Several of you asked what Spencer was looking at in this post. He was watching them lower:




{completely captivated}


{but this is my fave shot Doug took that day}

We've seen a whole lot of this in the past week due to an ear infection (Spencer's first "real" illness):


And a whole lotta this:


{Doug taught him to blow his nose! I'm way prouder than I should be... of both of them!}

The good news?! Spencer's last two molars made a big push at the same time! We're almost done!


We picked up Spencer's antibiotic prescription at our regular pharmacy, which happens to be in T@rget. I go there on a regular basis for a couple of prescriptions, so they know Spencer pretty well. He charmed them all into giving him a pop within minutes of his arrival, enjoyed "chatting" with them, and showing off some funny stunts. When it was time for us to leave, he said "bye-bye" very sweetly and waved. Then he looked at the head pharmacist, pointed his finger, and very firmly told her to "go work." She saluted and said "yes sir." It was hysterical.



{After a day of antibiotics...}


We've been giving Spencer the "found change" in the house for his piggy bank. He gets a huge kick out of putting it in there, and very proudly showed his "HEH-BEE" ("HEAVY") bank to Doug the other day. In an effort to encourage his savings habit, Doug gave him some more money from our change jar. Now, Spencer regularly walks over to where the change jar lives and tries to reach it. When asked what he's doing he responds "moh-meeee. get it. peeeaaassseee?!?!" When asked why, he responds "Need it. PEEEEAAASSEEE???" Yeah, buddy. Me too. Get in line.


Someone is still completely captivated with playing in the cabinets. I feel like he looks so much bigger than he did here though! (He's not though.)

sick-boy-cabinets sick-boy-cabinets-2


Spencer thinks he is "you" not "me." So when he wants me to hold him, or pick him up, it's always "Hold you." But what we find really funny is when we ask him something like "Who wants a smoothie?!" And he points at himself and exclaims "YOU!"


He's very fond of using "hold terms." Very often we are told to "wait" complete with palm facing out and fingers splayed. We also get the "minute" with the index finger extended. Roxy very often gets the "minute" when she's harassing us to leave for a walk. Actually she gets "MIN.UTE" complete with him bent forward to be nose to nose, one hand on hip, and other hand out with the index finger extended. I have no idea where he gets this stuff. (What's that they say about monkey see, monkey do?!)


I've been making a lot of Korean food the past couple of weeks. Tonight I made tteok mandu guk (Korean rice cake & dumpling soup) with spicy kimchi on the side. I think it's safe to say it was a HUGE hit with Spencer:


{Good to the last drop!}


{No rice cake left behind...}

{He finished almost two full bowls... crazy!}


Many of you already heard that there's a kimchi shortage in South Korea right now. So, we're especially grateful when we chow down on ours. This mama is super-duper grateful that her kiddo is such a fan since it's been a huge help with his congestion. Who knew?! (OK, probably every Korean omma out there...)


Spencer has two girlfriends in the neighborhood. (No, I'm not joking.) He'll regularly give you play-by-plays of "dates" he has in mind. They usually consist of sharing a hot dog/noodles/snack and playing with the toy of the day. And then they will go for ice cream. When asked how they are going to get to the ice cream stand, he responds "Rob" who happens to be one of the fathers. I wonder how he would feel escorting the other girl on the date with Spencer?


What's really funny is that sometimes he gets the names confused and calls one girl by the other one's name. And vice versa.  Spencer, you're really going to need to work on that if you ever hope to be a successful playa.



{"What do you mean, 'did I take your chocolate?!'"}


{"I have no idea what you are talking about!"}




{"There's no chocolate on my chin!"}


Lately, Spencer needs to "check" on who has the poop in their pants. I happen to think that there's really no confusion here, but he makes sure to look down everyone's backside just in case. And yes, this does involve pulling your pants away from your waist in the back and "peeking" or "checking" down there. Or if you happen to be canine, he will lift your tail. You never know what's hiding there apparently.


I stumbled across these the other day... they aren't recent, or amazing shots, but they are fun... no?!

Piggyback Piggyback-2 Piggyback-3 Piggyback-4 Piggyback-5 Piggyback-6 Piggyback-8 Piggyback-10 Piggyback-11 Piggyback-14


I think the shirt says it all:

the-shirt the-shirt-2