The 5K


A month ago, I heard about this event. Being that this is a cause near and dear to my heart, I knew I had to participate. Family-related logistics kept me from doing it at the event location, but it turns out you could be a "virtual" walker. That means that you sign up, but walk wherever it's convenient to you. I quickly talked my sister into virtually doing it with me, and we signed up. As a trade-off to doing it virtually, I decided to run it, instead of walk it. Earlier this summer I was doing the couch*2*5K program, but a broken toe derailed that. I still felt as though I had to at least try to run it. But, I won't lie... It was a little nerve-racking considering I had only gotten clearance to start doing athletic activity involving my foot just over two weeks prior. Add in that I was still congested from the sickies, and well, I was pretty nervous while doing my warm up. I had mapped my route so that I could warm up, begin, and end my run in the 'hood. I struggled a little bit in the beginning and had to mix in some walking... but soon enough I found my pace and only had to walk two more times due to coughing fits. The best part of the run was when I rounded my last bend and saw Doug, Spencer and Roxy waiting for me. Spencer immediately spied me and ran to me, and we completed the last bit together (after a big hug of course). I found out that they had been using the "find*my*iphone" feature on my i*pad to track where I was... I'm not sure I would have thought of that, but brilliant given Spencer's (and Roxy's) attention span.

All in all, I'm happy with how I did - and my time (32 minutes)! But mostly, I'm really happy that my sister and I raised over $1,000 for this cause! Many of you helped us reach that goal, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. In appreciation, I'm sharing this less-than-flattering picture of Spencer and I at the finish. See how he's saying "Mama's #1"? (He's totally not, but I'm going with it.)