Happy Chuseok!


Chuseok is widely considered to be the Korean Thanksgiving. It's a traditionally a celebration of the harvest, and the highlight is most definitely on family. Businesses shut down, and most Koreans all travel back to their hometowns in order to pay respects to ancestors. As I've read blog posts, and news articles, it becomes apparent how little commercialism plays into this holiday (no Black Friday for example) and how much of the focus is on paying respects to your ancestors. It's a holiday of respect, thankfulness, bounty and happiness. It's also a great excuse to dress your kid up in his hanbok and take [too many] pictures. This time, Spencer was on board. (As opposed to this time.)

Chuseok-3 Chuseok-4 Chuseok-8

{"Doodles, it's Choo-socks!"}

Chuseok-9 Chuseok



{Spencer was not on-board with the "accessories"}


And, then there is the bow. Spencer, loves to do the bow:

ChuseokBow ChuseokBow-2 ChuseokBow-4 ChuseokBow-3

{"Now I get money, right Mama?!"}


즐거운 추석 보내세요!

{Hopefully, that says "Have a Happy Chuseok!" in Korean.}