Tales & Tidbits from Spencerland


{Today, Spencer is two years, two months, and two days old}

{While I do not plan to do monthly updates (not that I was ever very good at them) I just couldn't pass this 2*2*2 date up.}


Spencer is big into "cooking" with my pots and pans lately. (As is evidenced by all the photos in the kitchen cabinet?) Well, imaginary play has run amuck here lately and his favorite new "game" is to cook for Roxy. Unfortunately, Roxy doesn't understand why an empty colander is constantly being placed in front of her face with Spencer telling her to "Eat! Mmmm..." He's also big into playing percussion with the pots and pans. I'm not sure I'm really into that game as much.


{I'm also not a fan of the colander on the head game...}

The current words I dread hearing: "Oh mein! Fif it! [Oh man! Fix it!]!

These are followed closely by "ups" [oops] and "asi-dant" [accident]


Once, just once, I let the phrase "oh cr@p!" fly while Spencer was around. The situation was well-deserving, but unfortunately Spencer does not understand that. Upon me dropping something the other day, I gasped "Oh!" and Spencer chimed in with "CR@P!!!!" Fabulous. At least it wasn't the "F" word, right?!


While out to dinner with some friends last Saturday, Spencer left the table to "work the room." He walked around and shook hands with four or five tables of guests, smiling the whole time. He waved to those not in the immediate vicinity. I think I may have a future politician on my hands here. Our friend, C, told us he should be a politician for Halloween, but I fear that might actually be predicting the future though. As we left, Spencer had the majority of the restaurant simultaneously waving good-bye to him. His response? Why to wave back and blow double-handed kisses of course. Not the wallflower, that's for sure.


Spencer is obsessed with "hair cuts" ... every time we walk by a salon, or something that looks like it could be a salon, S exclaims "Hair cuts!" And when asked if he should get a hair cut, he says no. Rather emphatically. In case you were wondering, Mama and Dada should also avoid haircuts.

More often than not, I will find Spencer coming up to my camera, getting real close to the lens and exclaiming "cheese!" If my camera isn't around, this happens:


Spencer has several "spontaneous naps" the past couple of weeks. Upon waking, he always whines a little, rubs his eyes, then looks around. He puts his hands in front of him, palms up, and says "happened?!" every.single.time.


Spencer is all about calling Roxy lately. He'll call her back to the sliders if she's taking too long outside, or if it's time to go somewhere. Sometimes he uses a treat, but usually he mimics me. This apparently involves slapping your thigh and yelling "ohhhh-xeeee! Mooohhhn! [C'mon!]" Occasionally, he claps and then does the "come here" gesture with his hands. Sadly, that's usually how he calls me to do his "bidding" as well.

rainyday-2 rainyday-3

Lately, he's been talking in his sleep a lot. Or maybe it's just that I'm getting my second wind late at night and am still up to hear it?! Regardless, some of my favorites:


"Doodles! No!"

"ups" [oops]


{"Mama, I hear the music truck!"}

Now that summer is over, we've said "so long" to the music truck. What's the music truck you ask?! Well, it says "Ice Cream" on the side... but I've convinced Spencer that it's sole purpose is to drive around and play music for everyone. I'm taking bets on whether that will fly next year. In exchange, we now have the bus. Or should I say "BUUUUUUUSSSSS!!!!!"? Here, there are two morning buses, and two afternoon buses. And let me tell you, it's not a pretty sight if we miss one. This also means that every other Tuesday (combined trash and recycling day), his butt is planted firmly in front of a window. Now I just need to figure out how to explain the difference between weekdays and weekends to Spencer. Last weekend we spent a good half hour in the neighbor's driveway while I tried to explain to Spencer that no matter how long we stood here, the bus still wasn't coming through.


And now, for the photos that didn't find a home intermingled above:


{Go, go Speed Racer!}

rainyday-5 hand-me-downs

{Spencer deems this "ready" for outside... shoes and a hat.}

hand-me-downs-7 hand-me-downs-9

{This might be my fave picture of Spencer right now...}


{...or this one.}


{Waiting "patiently"}


{What's wrong here?}

hand-me-downs-12 hand-me-downs-2

{"I'm outta here!}


{Breakfast of Champions}


{spilled yogurt clean-up}

Just_A_Day-3 Just_A_Day-2-2

{Clearly, two trips was not an option!}



{Trucks and mulch, what more can you ask for?}

Just_A_Day-5 Just_A_Day-6 Just_A_Day-7


{Up to no good, I'm sure.}


{Hanging out at "the fort"}


{I love this "action" shot...}


{"What do you mean, just the little stones?!"}


{Can you see me?!}



Just_A_Day-8-2 Just_A_Day-9

{all gone!}


{Back at the fort... this time with Doodles too!}

Just_A_Day-2-4 Just_A_Day-3-4 Just_A_Day-4-4 Just_A_Day-5-3 Just_A_Day-6-3 Just_A_Day-7-3 Just-A-Day-3 Just-A-Day-4

{Loud Plane!}


{Again. In color. Cause I love it so much.}

Just-A-Day-3-3 Just-A-Day-4-2 Just-A-Day-5-2


{Jumping can be fun.}


{Lots of fun.}


{Nice face, Spencer.}


{Ahhh, much better.}




So folks, there you have it... what's happening in Spencer's world in a nutshell. Thanks for following along!


So long!

We hope you all had a great weekend!