Reminiscing : Gigi's Party

{The eagle eyes in the group will notice I have a new category. "Reminiscing" will house all those old posts I alluded to here. I'll eventually move them to their proper dates, but for now, they'll pop up as I do them. Not sure that's the best way... but it's all I could think of.} In June, Spencer and I traveled to Baltimore with my family to attend Gigi's 85th birthday party. (Unfortunately, Doug was unable to join us due to work commitments.) It was held at my aunt and uncle's house in MD, and was the first time that Spencer got to meet most of my extended family. (We base our family travel on where Doug has business. Clearly, he does not do enough business in the Baltimore or Seattle areas.)

Now, Spencer had met Gigi shortly after coming home:


{first photo together}


{some days he just wasn't having it}


{and forget about a good photo of the three of us!}


{I'm still not gonna smile...}


{Oh, you want to look at photos of me, and talk about me?! *That* I can get into!}


{I do like when my aunt "neen" pushes me around in this cart thingie though! But, still, not gonna smile.}

(I can't believe how tiny he was there... wow! But, yet, he still fits in that outfit. How is that possible?! Sigh.)

Moving forward:

We traveled down to Maryland, and made sure the first order of business was a family photo. Uhm, NOT an easy task with adults. Add in a crazy kid and some energetic pups... wow. And, we were doing it with the timer setting (which is why it looks like my sister wants nothing to do with me... she was leaving room!) Here's what we ended up with.

Gigi_Party Gigi_Party-2

{I especially love the "Uncle Sam wants you" pose, Dad.} [smile]

After that, it was time to PAR-TAY.


{Well, unless you were canine.}


{Although Spencer definitely tried to help them out.}


{This means you too, neighbor dog!}


{Uncle R gave S his first ever ride on a float.}

{As I type this, I actually think this was only Spencer's third time in a pool... first time where he didn't cry.}




{This is kinda crazy, but I love it!}


{But now I am done.}


{Did you see me Mama?!}


{After swimming, he shared some of "neen"s lemonade.}


{This is how Spencer shares.}


{It was hot.}


{At some point, someone took mercy on the dogs and let them join in.}


{Miss Casey couldn't believe her luck...}


{While Cupid wasted no time in showing us how she could "fish."}

Gigi_Party-21 Gigi_Party-22

{She's thinking "oh, I love my fish, I love my fish..."}


{Aunt L took pictures of the pups and S...}


{while Uncle R chatted... in the shade! Smart man.}


{K with Gigi}


{Aunt S with her mom.}


{Dad and Gigi tolerated a photo...}


{Then went back to catching up.} :-)


{S thought about going back in...}


{But opted to sit poolside with G-Ma and Aunt L instead.}


{All this socializing requires chips.}


{Someone loves chips.}


{Who knew partying was stressful?!}

And then, then it was time to go:


{Spencer disagreed.}

The amazing thing is this. He fell asleep on the [very short] car ride to the hotel. Earlier than is normal. Way earlier, actually. And he slept through a transfer from car to hotel, a diaper change, putting on the pajamas, my family bringing me food from the lobby, and several hours of me reading. He awoke at 11ish, took a bottle, and then went back to sleep until 5ish. Which was pretty much amazing. To say I was stressed out to be on the road, in a hotel room, flying solo... well, that would be an understatement. Yes, my parents and sister were also at the hotel, but it's not like I would want to call them at 2 in the morning if the you-know-what was hitting the fan. This was during a "bad sleep pattern" so I was very relieved. Here's a shot of him two hours after we left the party, at his "normal" bedtime:


Maybe we need a pool. And a party. Like,

And, because I was sorting through old photos from last year, I found this one again. I absolutely love it. Talk about an outtake! It never fails to make me laugh. Shutter release is everything sometimes. Now, my sister is probably going to kill me... but come on... it's *funny*!!! (And I told her to pick him up like that, he actually loved it.)


(Actually, if you never hear from me again, it was probably because I posted a photo I shouldn't have.) Family, if you want/need me to remove a photo or two... just let me know! And, Gigi, happy birthday again! Thanks for the fabulous party R&S!!!