Sneaky & Shutterbug

Roxy is strange. She could care less about the crumbs on the floor around Spencer's chair. And yes, that aggravates me to no end... one of her jobs is to take care of that, no?! Oh, she'll come pester him for handouts if it's something good, but she refuses to eat it off the floor. (Unless freshly tossed down of course.) Sigh. For the past week or so, I've been shocked at how clean Spencer's seat has been at the end of the day. I thought he was just getting neater. Until I heard funny sounds coming from the kitchen while I was upstairs with Spencer. The next night I snuck down to find this:

moocher-2 moocher-3 moocher


Are you kidding me Roxy?! Please note that she left all the crumbs on the floor alone though. So glad she has her priorities in order.

*    *     *     *     *

It gives me great pleasure to show you Spencer's favorite new game, "Am-wah"


{"Say Cheese!"}


Now, I have to be honest, I have no idea where he gets this idea from?! [kidding, of course.] But it's really fun to watch him take "pitchuhs" (A side note, he also asks to have his picture taken sometimes. And he likes for me to video tape him. I'm starting to worry...) He has cameras out of bristle*blocks, legos, cardboard boxes... quite the assortment! He really gets into the photographer "thing" too. Sometimes I'll catch him walking around the house taking photos of random things, sometimes we have to go back inside for his camera, other times we need to improvise if we are out and he's missing the perfect moment. And he always makes sure to tuck them up on top of the bookshelf when he's done playing, where they are safe and sound. So funny.


{"Hmmm... what to capture?!"}


{"Got it!"}


{Practicing macro photography}


{So proud!}


*    *     *     *     *

And, two years ago...

our home study went to Korea.

Last year, I reflected on that.

(And, in case any of your were wondering, I had a blast looking back at all my posts from last September... Spencer was such a baby!)