Words on Wednesday : True Love

[This post is for all the Roxy fans in the audience... you know who you are!] Spencer has a book that he received from his G-Ma for Valentine's Day called "Puppy Love" and it's filled with pictures of puppies. Mixed in are cute sayings, including "ah, true love... that's what this is." Which we use a little too often around these parts. But it's cute. And usually appropriate.

Now, my long time readers know that Roxy has not welcomed Spencer with open paws. She's been resigned, if anything. Although he's always good for some entertainment (watch the last video), or a walk, in her mind. But it's been a loooong road for them to get to this point. It's involved a lot of goodies, some table food (they don't have the same tastes apparently), and lots of, uhm, reprimanding. For both of them.

But look! Now, it's true love... that's what it is! (Even if Roxy isn't so sure...)

Words on Wednesday II from 12450 miles on Vimeo.