Versatile Blogger Award


Last week, I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from one of my "newer" blog buddies, Grace. If you haven't been to her blog yet, hop on over and say hi. She's a fellow adoptive Mama (waiting for the infamous travel call), and a Jersey girl to boot... how could I *not* like her?! Oh, and she's hysterical. I love reading her posts, and I bet you will too. Thanks for the award Grace!

here is how the Versatile Blogger Award works: 1) thank and talk about whoever gave you the award 2) share 7 facts about yourself 3) give the award to 7 other bloggers who rock!

7 facts about me (there's kind of a theme... can you guess it?!): 1. I'm an @pple junkie. (as in the company, not the food) I'm an unapologetic early adapter... the one exception to this being the i*phone. It took me two years to suck it up and get AT*T as my service provider. (And they make me regret that at least 3x a week) We are a one i*mac, one mac*mini, two mac*book, one mac*book air, two i*pad, two i*phone, three i*pod household and proud of it. (I'm not counting the @pple items sitting in the closet either) Some would say I'm a gadget girl in general... but it's a little extreme [ie - I pre-order new items] with this company.

2. I've met twenty other adoptive mamas (and 7 adoptive dadas) that I never would have known had it not been for the world of blogging. Crazy, no?! I never ever would have predicted that when I first started this blog a couple years ago... And, I'll be meeting another adoptive family on Sunday... and I can't wait!

3. I was pretty bad at keeping up with email before Spencer, but now it's just embarrassing... beyond embarrassing actually. I have over 200 items requiring action in my inbox... sigh... And returning phone calls is quickly getting up there as well.

4. We recently dropped our TV service. As in we have no TV. And I love it. (We still have the physical TVs though since I think Spencer's world might end if he couldn't watch B@rney on dvd) I did, however, cave and signed up for the Hulu*Plus service since I do have some shows I must watch during the year. (Glee&House to name a couple)  Having all the Law&Order:SVU & AllyMcBeal episodes ever created at my fingertips is just a bonus. As is the ability to watch the shows I never got around to while they were on air (Lost). Oh, and I can watch them all on my i*Pad. Life is good.

5. I covet glass, aka camera lenses. Some girls like sparkly jewelry... I prefer a different type of shiny object. I have a master plan of my ultimate "camera kit" and how to achieve it... from dslr to camera bag to software. Winning the lottery would greatly help this, but since "you gotta be in it to win it," that's not very likely.

6. I attempted digital scrapbooking and failed miserably. I also failed miserably in traditional scrapbooking... but I thought the digital aspect would be my golden ticket. Geez, I'm still trying to find the time to do a simple "blurb" book. Maybe after we move?! Or maybe someone needs to make an app for that?!

7. I yearn for more creativity in my life. Yearn. But I really struggle to find/make time. At the end of a Spencer-filled day, I'm either too tired, or too much in need of some online interaction with friends, so creativity falls off to the side. I'm working on ways to correct that. Which is ironic, since a couple of years ago I had a custom handbag business. Funny how things can change.

And, now the fun part! I love all my bloggy friends and it was so hard to choose, so I decided to pick some of my "newer" blog buddies (or new to blogging buddies). I figured since I received it from a "new friend" I should pass it along to new friends. What quicker way to discover new tidbits, no?! You'll notice I only have five. Oh well, I came close to following all the way through...

Anyway, I'm giving this award to the following awesome bloggers: