Random Newsbits

{So, what was he eating in this post?! Crystallized lime, of course. I know... I know... say what?! We use it to flavor our water, or as Spencer says... to make "tea." It's just lime that's been freeze-dried or whatever to make it into a crystallized form. It's awesome... and addicting. And Spencer *loves* it.} In other news:

Look who's been self-entertaining himself lately. Thank. God. I need a little break every once in a while, you know?!

sundays-4 sundays

He's also been doing a lot of imaginative play...


{Feeding the giraffe.}


{They're off "sporin" (exploring)}

animals-4 animals-5

{Giraffe needs to sleep}

And I made a quick slideshow of a series of four pictures that just crack me up. This is how Spencer "walks" his animals around the house. I wish I had the same strength in my legs to do this all around the first floor!

Walking My Animals from 12450 miles on Vimeo.

And he also blew my mind yesterday when he started doing the words and hand gestures for a song we heard once at a music*together workshop over a week ago. It took me a little while to realize what he was doing, but once I did... I started singing along with him. To which he looked at me as if to say "Finally!" Crazy what he's able to remember. Not only that, every time we get in the car, he asks for "music time" so we're signed up for a music class starting next week (not music*together since that just isn't in the budget right now... I hope this is as enjoyable for him!)

And the big news is:

We received Spencer's certified birth record today!! After hitting every imaginable (and some "who would have thought it") road bump... we finally have this very important paper in our hands! YIPPPPPEEEE!!! This means that we can apply for his passport, his SS#, and obtain a Certificate of Citizenship. Just three more documents to go...


For those of you who are "new" around these parts... Spencer was placed in our arms forever 16 months ago. Obviously, we had some major delays during finalization. It's never easy, is it?!