Ridiculously Proud

I'm sure I've made the comments on many blogs that Spencer is *not* what you would call a water bug. Some of you have seen this first hand, and others have just heard about it. As soon as we would take him into the pool/wading area/fountain... he'd declare himself "all done" and ask to get out. We'd convince him to stay a little longer and "try it." Some times he'd splash a little and other times he'd demand to leave immediately. Regardless of how long he was in the water, he was always happy to leave. Ecstatic almost. To the point where we could see the "thank god that's over" expression on his face. Well, imagine our surprise when he willingly went down an inflatable water slide at a birthday party a couple of weeks ago... We were shocked that he did it. And even more shocked that he asked to do it again! We thought "Ok, that's encouraging" but somewhat expected him to revert back to his "I'm all set ways." Nope. Look at what I caught on my i*phone last week while in Boston (post coming soon):

photo 14

{That's my kid. Running through the fountain. What?!}

I was shocked when he jumped right into the "pond" ... and it just kept getting better...

photo 7 photo 9 photo 4

photo 3 photo 5 photo 10 photo 13 photo 1

{Look - he's drenched! And loving it!}

(He's actually telling me "Me Wet.")

And, what else is a proud mama to do besides to share two short videos of him working up the nerve to go in the fountain?!

FrogOne from 12450 miles on Vimeo.

Frog Two from 12450 miles on Vimeo.

So my truth for you all this week is... I'm ridiculously proud of my kiddo for overcoming something that he was obviously a little unsure of. I feel a little silly boasting about this when most kids take on 6 inches of water a lot sooner than this... but to have a kiddo who would practically flip out at the concept of going in the "pool" to thoroughly enjoying himself, and then beg for "more" as I'm trying to extract him... well, that makes me want to scream "hey! look! my kid is in the water!" from the rooftops.

Swim on, Spencer. Swim on.

(And just so we're clear... It's safe to say that Park Taehwan has nothing to worry about. Spencer definitely does not have a future in swimming.)