Words on Wednesday... on Thursday

It's been a crazy, mixed-up week here. Lots of things happening, good and bad, that just leave me scrambling. This was not my intended video for the week... but, well, we're also having technical difficulties here. So you might get a Friday Fun video too. Lucky, lucky you. [wink] No editing, but still pretty cute. In this video, you'll hear "lunch" "burrito" (many renditions) "choo choo" "crackers" "eat" (which is cut off at the end). Oh, and some of you asked where the "vinegar" came from and I don't think I ever answered. It was from when I sent Doug to the market to get some for the dressing I was making. He told Spencer and a new word was born. [smile]

I hope you enjoy!

Words-Lunch from 12450 miles on Vimeo.