Oh Nooooo!!!!

[Otherwise known as a special Monday edition of "The Truth on Tuesday"]

For quite a while, Spencer has been able to climb in to his crib. Today it finally clicked that he can also climb out of his crib.

My life as I know it is over.

Today, he spent all of nap getting out. The first time he did it, he didn't even bother to make a big deal about it. He just started playing with his toys. I was working in my office when I heard him, so I went upstairs and he was all like "hey!" as he sat and played with some of the toys in his room. And all I could think was "cr@p." Nice reaction, huh?! I placed him back in his crib, told him to go to sleep, and went back downstairs. Where he waited all of two minutes to climb out and resume his playtime. (Mind you, he won't self-entertain any other time... so that made it even more aggravating!) After more escapes than I want to count, and two hours, we officially abandoned the nap idea.

I was hoping that we would have a nice, easy bedtime because he had to be tired, right?! Uh, no. He waited until I left the room and then "goodbye crib, hello destruction." Again, why bother showing off your new skill to Mama when you could be much more efficient destroying your room? I heard the closet doors moving around shortly after I got down the stairs. When I arrived back in his room, he was no where to be found. Slowly, the closet door slides open, and very quietly, he says "boo!" Then burst into hysterics. Fabulous... an escape artist and a comedian...

The result was that I spent the next 55 minutes sitting in his room, reminding him that it was bedtime and that he shouldn't be climbing out, and worst case scenario... returning him to the crib after his escape.

This stinks. Unfortunately, as much as I hate this development... he loves it. He's thrilled, ecstatic, and generally having a grand old time. It's also amazing how he just shimmies right up, over, and down in almost no time flat!

I guess we'll be squeezing in shopping for a toddler bed now. Which, honestly, is the last thing I want to do. I was really hoping this transition wouldn't happen until we were in the new place... but I guess not. And, I don't really want to invest in a new bed right now, but the thought of leaving the mattress on the floor while we're trying to sell makes me a little ill. (It's bad enough that we already have two rooms converted to offices!) All of my reasoning behind not wanting to take this step is completely petty and self-centered, which also makes me feel a wee bit guilty. But, really?! Ugh. I guess I'm now officially looking for recommendations on where to get good toddler furniture?? You know, I don't even know if toddler beds and twin beds are the same size?! Guess I need to look into that, huh?!