Spencer and I are, what some would call, gleeks. We loved watching the dance numbers on Glee this past season, and are anxiously awaiting the show's return. It's one of the few times that Spencer would sit, completely enthralled, watching the TV. One of his favorites was the Ice*Ice*Baby number. And playing the song is still one of my "calm the screaming-kid-in-the-backseat down" tactics. Well, the other day while I was driving, he actually started singing along with the song. (Note to self: Must look up the lyrics to that song) And I heard "Ice Ice Bah-bee... to go... to go" from the back seat. So, in an effort to catch it on video, I "hid" the camera and started up the i*pod after dinner tonight. He didn't start singing, instead he shocked me by doing a whole performance. That was much more enjoyable.... or at least I think so! Here he is "grooving" to Ice*Ice*Baby. I'd like to call out a couple of my favorite points in the video:

  • the dirty look he gives the i*pod when it says "Stop. Collaborate..."
  • the "tough guy" act he's pulling with his sippy in the beginning. If you look closely you'll see he's shaking he's biting so hard.
  • how he keeps looking off-camera to make sure both Doug and I are watching him.
  • how he discovers red pepper flakes on his hand midway through his routine and stops to eat them all.

(And you'll know this was an impromptu video by the fact that his plate is still on the table and we haven't wiped his face yet.)

Ice*Ice*Baby from 12450 miles on Vimeo.

And here's another short video from when the Ga*Ga episode aired. Some of my fellow gleeks may notice that he's actually copying the dance moves from the show. I'm thinking the writers on Glee need to come up with a sibling for "Tina" on the show. I happen to know someone who would be perfect for it! Ahem. Anyway...

Spencer Goes Gaga! from 12450 miles on Vimeo.