More Conversations

First, a note on this post. What was he emphatically saying "No" to? I asked if I could video him, of course! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[While eating breakfast] Mama: What should we do today!? Spencer: MAAAAALLLL!!!! Mama: You want to go to the mall? Spencer: hehehe. Yes. Mama: What do you want to do there? Spencer: Shop! Buy! Maaaaallll. Mama: What do you want to buy?! Spencer: Shoes.

Please note: We did go to the mall, and we did buy shoes. But Spencer also spent an insane amount of time checking out new jeans. He pretty much had the whole store watching this:


"Hmmm... I think the ladies would dig me in these!"


[We just finished dinner, and I was cleaning up the dishes and Spencer was wiping his face.]

Spencer: [lays down the napkin] "Whay da eye-beam?" (Where's the ice cream?!) {{Please note: I'm pretty sure this is Spencer's first full sentence. I'm sure his G-Pa will be very proud!}} Mama: No ice cream tonight, that's a special treat only. [Busy weekend with lots of running S around on boring errands = ice cream after dinner] Spencer: Oh Maaaan!


I've known for a while that Spencer was absolutely, without a doubt, meant to be my kid. (I know I'm not the only one who feels like that.) But now that he's talking, it's become even more obvious. I mean, really?! Shopping and an ice cream fanatic?! He could not be any more of a "mini me" had I birthed him myself. People always say that pregnancy and childbirth is such a miracle. I tend to think that this is the miracle... my child, born half a world away... with me.

minime minime-2 minime-3

{I cannot believe I let him get that close to my nose again.}