Another Type of Conversation

{Strolling through a market, Spencer and I are approached by a stranger. A guy, maybe in his 50s? Sloppily dressed, and obviously not keen on hygiene.} Random Stranger: China? Me: [knowing exactly what he's referring to] Uhm, I think it's that way. [Pointing East. I hope.] Random Stranger: No, him. [gestures with chin at Spencer] Chinese? [I'm thinking: When did they start charging for words?!] Me: Not that it's any of your business, but he's Korean-American. Random Stranger: Hmmph. Looks Chinese. Do you ever wonder if he has Chinese in his blood? [WTF?!] Me: [with a charming smile] Not any more than I wonder if you have jackass in yours.

{Exit, stage left.}

And there you have it folks, my first negative conversation about adoption. I'm not necessarily proud of how I handled it, but I am proud that my son couldn't detect anything from my tone or expression, yet there was no mistaking that I was about to go all "Mama Bear" on this guy.

Now, I don't claim to be any good at starting up conversations with trans-racial families myself... but really?! I mean, really?! I'm so disgusted. And a little angry. OK, a lot angry. But I'm trying not to let stupidity ruin my day. I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt when they start a conversation with me about my son, or our journey to becoming a family. That said, up until this point, it's always been with a little more class. Most times, it's led to nice conversations. Sometimes, not as nice. But I feel like there's  positive adoption dialogue for the most part. Not so much this time.

That said, what would my opening line be?! I have no clue. It's a little easier with Spencer in tow. But still pretty awkward... and I have yet to master it.

So I ask you, dear readers, what's your "opening" line? Be forewarned, I might steal it!