Conversations with a Two-Year-Old

We're only a week into the "Twos" and I'm already calling my son a two-year-old. Amazing how quickly I took to that. I know I keep saying this, but this is the best age. I still need to do a two-year-old post, but I want to record these conversations before I forget them all. So here you have it. Three conversations with a two-year-old.


Me: [Upon taking my first sip of coffee] Oh, that's hot! Spencer: Oooohhhhh nooooo! [And he runs over] {I should note that he had been thoroughly engrossed in a truck documentary} [Spencer blows on the coffee. Repeatedly. With his face practically in the cup] Spencer: [holding hand over cup] Uh-oh, Hot. [Spencer continues to blow on the coffee. Very thoroughly.] Spencer: [Holding his hand over the cup again] Hot, All done. Cheers Mama!

And yes, he was right. It was all done being hot.


Spencer: Hair cut! Me: Yes, you got your hair cut. Spencer: Hair cut! Me: Yes, do you like it?! Spencer: No. Me: No, you don't like your haircut? Spencer: No. [Rubbing head.] All done. Me: OK, well, what should we do about it then? Spencer: Band-Aid! Me: You want a band-aid for your hair? Spencer: hee heee heeee (Spencer-speak for "affirmative")


Dada: What do you want to do today? Spencer: Maaaaaallllll Me: What do you want to do at the mall? Spencer: Play! Me: Is that all you want to do? Spencer: Mmmmm... SHOP! Play! MALLLLLLLL. Dada: How about the zoo?! Spencer: Mall? Me: YES!

{And no, I have not been coaching him thank-you-very-much!}


And a random cute shot from earlier in the week... just cause!