On the spur of the moment, we did something a little radical here:

We had the hairdresser buzz off Spencer's locks. It's short.

Really short.

None of us were sure about it at first.

I learned that Spencer has some funky cowlicks...

And his hair lies funny in places...

But, luckily, he's got a really cute face.

Even if he now looks five.

Good thing hair grows fast.

I'm not really sure what inspired this. Cause Spencer really doesn't sweat a lot. And he hasn't been as uncomfortable as I've been in this heat wave. I blame it on how Doug has asked me every time I take Spencer in if I'm going to buzz it. So much to Doug's surprise [dismay?] I actually did. I won't go into the trauma of the actual haircut... although it was pretty traumatic... I'll just leave it at "It's growing on me." Now I just hope the actual hair starts growing on Spencer!

(Don't get me wrong... I still think he's super cute... but it's weird how different it makes him look.)