The Balloon

[A note: Little Bug, this post is dedicated to you. Although, I'm not sure your Omma will let you see it...] OK, there are so many posts that I should be writing instead of this one. Heck... there are so many things I should be doing in general besides blogging! Laundry, packing, deciding where I want to live... Funny how blogging always wins out. Well, after playing with Light*room that is. Because what better way to waste time entertain myself than process fun photos I took with the 17-55mm/2.8 lens I'm currently plotting on buying when Doug is out of town renting. Uhm, I don't think there is anything better. OK, playing with Spencer would be better. But he's asleep. So here you go. More photos than you could ever want to see of a boy and his balloon.

But first, the story behind the balloon. Last Tuesday I hit my "oh-my-god-I'm-throwing-a-party-in-four-days-and-have-done-nothing" point. That's usually when I start throwing money at the problem. So that's what I did. (Hey, it's worked before.) First stop was i*party. Where I spent a silly amount on balloons for the big day. Including the purchase of one ridiculously expensive mylar balloon. I almost went back in and said I didn't need it, I was that shocked by the price. I realized when I picked it up why it was so expensive... it was HUGE. I mean, H-U-G-E. Lesson learned. Everything looks smaller when in the context of the big party center. The other lesson was that my car cannot actually fit as many inflated balloons as I thought it could. Anyway, I digress. I figured that if I was going to have such a costly decoration, it was going to do double-duty. Duty one: Party decor. Duty two: Photo prop.

(And yes, I'm working on the photos from the party... I took 391. Have "whittled" it down to 246. 92 have made it into my "faves"... now I just need to edit out the names, and ask the other mamas for permission to post. Or get creative with masking faces.)

balloon-5 balloon-6 balloon-2-2 balloon-3-2 balloon-5-2 balloon-7 balloon-9 balloon-10 balloon-13 balloon-12 balloon-16 balloon-19 balloon-20 balloon-21