Chicago : Day Four

Day Four in Chicago started with meeting X1 and his parents after breakfast. As you can see, Spencer opted to take a post-breakfast nap. (I still can't believe all the napping he did in Chi-Town!)


We all walked over to the Navy Pier, and took a quick Cheerio break:


And then headed south from there. The weather was beautiful, as were the views.

ChiTown-DayFour-3 ChiTown-DayFour-4

We were going back to the playground we went to the day prior, but this time we were meeting up with some more buddies! Spencer took a quick photo with X1's dad J (his newest playtime buddy) and then was off:

ChiTown-DayFour-5 ChiTown-DayFour-6

While we waited for the rest of the crew, the boys wasted no time getting back to playing.


{I love how S is looking at X1 here.}


{First S went down the slide with J..}

ChiTown-DayFour-9 ChiTown-DayFour-10

{And then with x1...}

ChiTown-DayFour-11 ChiTown-DayFour-12

{"Wait, where'd he go?!"}


{S was having a blast with his new friend, I'm not sure the feeling was mutual.}

Before we knew it, our other buddies showed up!



Everyone played for a little while longer, and then headed to a shady spot in the park to have lunch:

ChiTown-DayFour-17ChiTown-DayFour-18 ChiTown-DayFour-19


{And, of course, this guy mooched.}

After lunch, it was deemed time to chase the pigeons. A game that this pigeon-fearing Mama was not so sure of...


{"Let's go get those birds!"}


{S quickly got the hang of it!}


{"oooo - look!"}

(Now, I have no idea where X1 was during all of this?!) But after chasing the pigeons for a little while, S convinced X2 it would be fun to climb the chain ropes.

ChiTown-DayFour-27 ChiTown-DayFour-28 ChiTown-DayFour-29

{"Hmmm... now what?!"}

And even though he doesn't look so sure, X2 enjoyed himself... see?!


C joined in on the fun, but brought his own twist to it.


G opted for snacking. It looks like he was happy with that decision...

ChiTown-DayFour-24 ChiTown-DayFour-25

After all birds were chased, and snacks eaten, it was off to the fountains!

Those of you familiar with Chicago will recognize the spitting fountains. For those of you not familiar with Chicago, Millennium Park houses these cool fountains with the faces of Chicago residents on them. Every so often, they "spit" streams of water out. Fun!


Some boys dove right in:


Some were not so sure:


And one thought it was very cold:


G wasted no time in splashing around...

ChiTown-DayFour-35 ChiTown-DayFour-32 ChiTown-DayFour-49

Nor did C...

ChiTown-DayFour-41 ChiTown-DayFour-34 ChiTown-DayFour-48

X seemed to enjoy it as well...


But S, well... Spencer wasn't so sure.

ChiTown-DayFour-50 ChiTown-DayFour-38 ChiTown-DayFour-37

After some serious consideration...


He decided to go for it... and splashed to his heart's content!

ChiTown-DayFour-46 ChiTown-DayFour-45 ChiTown-DayFour-44

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye to our friends E, J, and x1. It was so much fun to meet you guys and to see our littles in action together. We must make that happen again!

ChiTown-DayFour-39 ChiTown-DayFour-40

The rest of the gang played for a little while longer, and then it was time to pack up and catch trains/head back to the hotel. I think my kiddo may have been the only one who didn't crash from exhaustion?! Luckily for this mama, it was early to bed that night!