It's Official.

Last week, our house officially went on the market. It still stuns me to catch a glimpse of the for sale sign in the yard... even though it's been there for several days now. We've known we were going to do this for about a year now. But still, actually doing it is a whole other thing. Am I sad? Not really. But again, we're still in the theory stage of moving. (I guarantee you that leaving Spencer's room will bring me to hysterical tears at some point.) Am I excited? Not yet. Am I overwhelmed? Oh, yes.

Part of the overwhelmed feeling comes from actually getting the house on the market with a toddler in tow. I laugh to myself since there have been two reactions when I've told people what I was working on. The "been there, done that" crew have extended their sympathies/apologies and the offers of play dates at their house for extended periods of time. Everyone else, well, they wonder what the issue is. It's hard to explain how a toddler can unpack six [taped] boxes in the time you pack one. Or how they suddenly discover their spidey-skills and hone them on the plastic utility shelves. Or how they find things that I still don't know where they came from... a blue sharpie, a box of nails, etc. Oh, and then there was the infamous missing [milk-filled] sippy cup. Eight boxes later I found it loving wrapped and packed [not by me] in a box I had done four days prior. Are you getting the picture yet?!

Yeah, so that adventure has been a ton of fun. Luckily, we have some of the best neighbors and friends around who have helped tremendously. We have neighbors collecting and delivering boxes to us. We have friends coming to help me move things down to the basement, into the car, out to the curb. Spencer has had oodles of play dates, and that's given me the much-needed focus time. And, honestly, it's the only thing that has kept me sane.

The other part of the overwhelmed feeling comes from not really knowing where we are going to yet. If you were to plot out all the towns we are considering, it would look like we were throwing darts at the map. Looking at it, it just doesn't make much sense. Until you hear about the deciding factors that made those towns bubble up to the top. But that is a post for another day... for now I'm just celebrating the fact that we are on the market, getting oodles of drive-bys, and lots of activity on the internet listings.