Words on Wednesday

[First, thank you all for the supportive comments on this post. I so appreciate it! I'll follow up on that soon. But first...] I realized the other day that I don't have nearly enough video of Spencer. Sure, I have random i*phone clips... but not "real" video. It's actually been months since I took any video of Spencer. And he's kinda growing up fast, you know?! After I got over the mortification of that fact, I immediately tried to rectify my lapse of videoing... but how much video does one really want to see of a kid sucking his thumb?! That's when I had my second epiphany. This kid "chats" up a storm... and some of it is hysterical.

Every so often you might just see a "Words on Wednesday" post from me in addition to our "Wordless Wednesday" posts, starring my favorite little tyke talking away. Please excuse the rough video editing. I'm hoping to get better and quicker at that as time goes on here...

Two notes:

1. My kitchen is embarrassingly messy here. If only you could see it now! 2. It's pretty obvious that I'm obsessed with getting him to say "Otter" on video. You'll understand once I succeed.

So, I present to you the first "Words on Wednesday!" I hope you enjoy!