The Truth about the Thumb


We joke that Spencer must have been a closet thumb-sucker while in Korea. Everyone swore up and down to us that he didn't suck his thumb, but he took to it rather quickly for that to be the case. (As in the first ten minutes we were in our hotel room.) So either he's a thumb-sucking prodigy, or he was doing it on the sly over there.

Until recently, it was just an occasional thing. We'd see it when he was really tired, or maybe when he was upset. But rarely would we see it during the day. Lately though - oooo, baby. We see it all. the. time. Part of me worries that it's a sign of insecurity, but the other part of me just thinks it's a phase. I do realize there is a ton of stuff going on in our life right now as well, and this might be a reaction to that... but my "mama spidey-sense" thinks it's related to this awesome sleep phase we are in. Which means I'm being a little more light-hearted about it than I normally would be with a "worry."

That doesn't mean I'm not trying to reign it in a little. Lately, I catch myself doing the same thing all the Korean Ommas were doing — pulling it out and clucking "no" at him. And that's a shame cause he's just so darn cute when he's doing it!

the-thumb-3 the-thumb-2

And just to give you an extent of how much thumb sucking is going on over here:

It cracks me up that his thumb is now interfering with playing.