Communing with Nature


{Studying the bees}

It's that time of year again. The time of year when people start talking about all the fun outdoor activities they are doing with their kids. Mostly it's talk of camping and hikes. Beach trips and boating. More talk of camping.

I'm not really an "outdoorsy" type. At. All. Which makes me a little sad since I don't want Spencer to miss out on those opportunities. So I've made a vow to myself that we'll do all sorts of outdoorsy things when he's a little older. Including camping if he wishes. (I cannot promise you that I will be in a tent though! Well, maybe one of those resort ones you see featured in Tr@vel Magazine...) We'll take nature hikes, and look for animal tracks. We'll collect bugs. We'll conquer the great outdoors.

Until then, we will be communing with nature in our driveway.