Chicago : Day Three

Our third day in Chicago was intentionally kept "light" on the activities since we knew Spencer would need to "recover" from his day at the zoo. Note the quotations, neither of those things actually happened. Spencer woke up very early (again) so we hit the town by 8am and walked around for a while. Spencer conked out in the stroller almost instantly. I guess that's what happens when you get up at 4:30am, no?! We were planning to just wander around until we got a very exciting email from a blog buddy who was unexpectedly in town with her husband and son and wanted to see if we could meet last minute. So, we were finally able to meet:



(Some of you eagle eyes recognized him in this post. Good job!)

Bekah and her husband treated us to some yummy Einstein treats, and the boys hung out while we chatted. (OK, I chatted, B&J just tried to stay awake... it had been a very early morning for them as well.) I've been following their journey for quite some time, and have talked to Bekah many times on the phone, so it was wonderful to finally meet in person! Well, most of us thought so...


{I call this photo "Grumpy Old Man"}


We tried for a photo of the boys, but someone was not cooperating. Any guesses who?!


While my son didn't necessarily want to smile for the camera, he was more than happy to dole out some hugs...

ChiTown-DayThree-4 ChiTown-DayThree-5 ChiTown-DayThree-6

{Or not.}


{"Hey, where you going?!"}

All too soon, our time was up and Bekah & Co. left to catch their train.


{"Where'd they go?!"}

Spencer and I killed another couple of hours (aka resist-a-nap-at-all-costs) until we got the call we had been waiting for... X1 was in town! So we packed up and walked the two blocks to the hotel where Emily, Jeremy, and X1 were staying. (You'll understand the "X1" in the next post.) They had driven down from Canada, and I was just shy of pacing the floors when I got the call they had arrived. Not from nerves... but from excitement. Emily and I have commiserated many a time over the fact that our boys do. not. sleep. (There are many things that are similar, but that was truly the bonding trait for me.) I couldn't wait to see our boys get together in person, in a one-on-one situation... and, of course, compare notes with Emily. (Cause let's face it... the not sleeping thing is a significant challenge to me.)

Once we got to their hotel, we all took a jaunt down to the lobby to see the waterfalls/fountains and then headed up to their room to let the boys get to know each other. They got right down to business. While you really expect more "parallel play" at this age, that wasn't the case at all. Almost instantly, the boys were playing together, interacting, and thick as thieves. Uh-oh!


{"Hey, you have some cool toys X1!"}


{"But this might be even cooler!"}


{"You drink though this thing here..."}


{"Cool shoes dude!"}


{"It's got velcro!"}


{"On both shoes!"}


{"Hey, where you going?!"}


[This photo cracks me up because X1 was setting up bowling pins, and S just swooped in... while X1 looked on in shock. Sorry X1!]


[We tried one more time for a shot of the boys...]


[Then gave up and headed to a nearby (and awesome!) playground...]


[x1 took on the twisty slide...]


[While S took on this climbing thing... and yes, he did do it!]

ChiTown-DayThree-21 ChiTown-DayThree-22ChiTown-DayThree-23


{"What's he doing?!"}


[Oh. That.]


{"Hey, what's this?!"}


[And the grifting continues...]

Now, what's not obvious from these pictures is that Jeremy was constantly on the go, wrangling the boys so Emily and I could get some pics... thanks Jeremy!! (I really do appreciate all of your help!)

After the playground, we headed to the R@inforest Cafe for dinner. They boys loved the atmosphere and the fish... and the animals. Until they moved. At which point we heard a lot of "no, no, no"s! Doug was able to join us for dinner, which was really nice. The boys did great at the restaurant, and Spencer ate a ton! Afterwards we headed home and Spencer conked out...