Chicago : Day Two

Our second day in Chicago was the first of the big "bloggy friend meet-ups" ... and it did *not* disappoint. We met up with a bunch of [formerly] online friends, now just "friends," and headed to an awesome zoo. I had told Spencer the night before what we were doing, and he woke up, popped up in his crib and immediately said "ZOO!" Funny kid. The day started out with a real treat for Spencer, we caught the 8:40 train out of Chicago to meet up with everyone. It was Spencer's first ride on a real choo choo, and he was very excited. Unfortunately for our fellow passengers, he made it well known that he was on a CHOO CHOO! Sue and C met us at the train station and we walked back to her place, enjoying some caffeine (it had been a late night for us on Monday!) and some conversation. Joanna and G were there when we got back, followed quickly by the rest of the group. The Mamas got to chat while the boys destroyed enjoyed C's play area. Christine and her son J were nice enough to drive us to the zoo from Sue's house, which afforded Christine and I the chance to have some great conversation about camping, k*dramas, Korean celebrities, raising little boys, etc... all while the boys chatted up a storm in the back seat!

Now, in full disclosure, I couldn't really tell you too much of what we saw at the zoo. I was way too absorbed in conversation with all these fabulous ladies. And it was hot and humid, which I swear has an impact on my memory. I can tell you that we saw the elephants (you don't think Spencer would miss those, do you?!) and the bison. As well as a very playful polar bear. And we went to the ape house. We had the opportunity to ride the carousel and pet sting rays, both of which Spencer declared he was "all done" with as soon as entering. Oh well. I can tell you the boys had a blast running around together though! So, without further ado... here's all the kids doing what they do best!


[Spencer was actually a little hesitant at first. Shocking!]


[Good thing these mamas can help out with the lifting!]


[C watched from his cool ride...]

Now, I'm not sure I've mentioned this yet, but Spencer has a really bad habit of begging for food. I fear he's going to become a grifter and this is one of those "I should have known it when..." moments. He constantly needs whatever the other kids have. He could have the same exact thing, but obviously it tastes better if it comes from the other kid....


[Notice he has a chip from another child in hand, and is digging in to the snack tray...]


["Hey, whatcha eatin'?!"]

["Keep movin' buddy..."]


["Can you get my goldfish back?"]



Currently, it's a toss-up for Spencer's favorite animal. On one hand, we have the elephants which are always a hit. On the other, we have the otters. Who Spencer can spend oodles of time watching. So when I heard him declare "Ooooottttaaaahhhh!" and start running, I looked for a tank. Little did I know...


[My little otter...]


[Until he got displaced by another cute otter...]


[Luckily he found a lift!]

And then, we discovered the tunnel... oh boy!


[It was a lot of fun to run through...]


[... in case you couldn't tell!]

Brookfield-14 Brookfield-15

[And then Spencer realized that everyone was taking photos...]


[And hammed it up for the photo op!]

[Please note this went on for several minutes, and G stood there, patiently waiting...I have about fifteen photos of S posing and G just waiting... and waiting... and waiting...]


["Uhm, excuse me, could you move please?!"]


[And then the playing resumed.]



[Hey gang... let's go this way!]




[Ooo. Stick.]


["Sweet Ride C!"]


["Get. Him. Out."]


["I like this Mama!"]


[OK, let's go!]

And then, just as we were all about to drop from exhaustion and heat stroke, we took the group picture. Bad timing, but still a very cute photo, don't you think?!


And then it was back into the car with our buddies...


[I think this is my fave photo of the day...]


[Where the boys held hands until they fell asleep...]

It was *such* a fun day! And just the beginning! I'll try to get the rest of the posts up over the next few days... just bear with me... We are on the road again, so I'm snagging time where ever I can. And to all the other Mamas, apologies for putting words in your babies mouths... I just couldn't resist!

(I intentionally used initials and didn't link to blogs, let me know if you want me to a. remove photos or b. link to you!)