Chicago : Day One

Our first day in Chicago was spent at the Museum of Science and Industry. My dad had told me that Spencer would love it, but to be honest, I wasn't quite sure. Spencer's not great with focus these days, so I wasn't sure this was the place for him... boy, was I wrong! He. loved. it. I highly recommend it to anyone with little kids in Chicago. It is well worth the money! Here are my two discoveries. One, get there early. We had our tickets and were waiting in line for it to open... and the result was having the place to ourselves basically. We saw just a couple of other groups of people at any one time. It was awesome. Two, start at the top and work your way down. We found that we were working in the opposite direction of everyone else. I also let Spencer choose our path, which may not have been the smartest decision... but it kept him happy.

My two favorite moments were:

1. When we made the indoor tornado. (I actually think that S enjoyed the storms exhibit more than anything else. I never would have put my money on that, so it was a nice surprise.) When the tornado really took shape, Spencer shouted "WHHHHOOOOOAAAAA!!!!!" and pretty much cracked up everyone within earshot. He then immediately requested more.

2. When it was time to get off the tractor (due to the two little kids waiting their turn behind us) I went to pull Spencer out and he grabbed onto the wheel and held on with all his might. And then started saying "no no no no no no no" while shaking his head. Let's just say extricating him would have been much more trying if it wasn't so funny!

Here's our day, captured by one crazy Mama trying to keep up. That explains the quality on some of these...


[First, we caffeinated.]


[We were lucky enough that the man behind us was willing to save our spots in line, so we visited the Zephyr while we were waiting...]


[The storms exhibit... see how no one is in there?!]


[We were mesmerized by the avalanche display...]


[and the pendulum...]


[And this crazy thing. I can't remember what the lesson was here, but Spencer loved turning it and making different lines of light!]



[His favorite part of the "YOU" exhibit.]


[The transportation wing...]


Museum_S-n-I-8 Museum_S-n-I-13

[The blur that was Spencer throughout the museum...]


[Think he's having a good time?!]


[Where'd he go?!]


[There he is!]

[We played peek-a-boo in the train for *quite* some time...]


[And then we found the bubbles]


[Spencer's world will never be the same...]





[And then we hit the mother load... little D, look away, look away!]


[A real John Deere tractor to sit in!]


[Can you tell he's stunned by his good fortune?!]


[Posing with the big wheel...]


[This is what happened when I told him we had to go...]


[Luckily, we had time to stop at the water area first...]

Museum_S-n-I-29 Museum_S-n-I-31

[Happy Camper.]

After our visit, we jumped on the bus uptown and went back to the hotel. Spencer crashed almost immediately which was really nice for me. I was almost as exhausted as he was!

After dinner, I left the boys at the hotel and went to watch the last episode of the Korean drama, Personal Taste, with two friends. We've all been following and watching this drama independently, and when we discovered the last episode would be posted by my visit, we made plans to all watch together. Sue picked me up at the hotel and we drove to Cori's house for the viewing. It was a wonderful evening filled with chatting, hanging with Cori's son, and - of course - watching the finale! (For my fellow k*drama gals... it was a good show overall. Like any drama, it had it's rough spots, but well worth the time...) I probably could have stayed all night if the exhaustion hadn't kicked in... I finally had to wave the white flag at 11:30 since I was dragging (still on east coast time!) and I knew we had a big day coming up...