The World Cup

Today the World Cup begins. In the past, we've casually "watched" this event. Meaning, we were aware it was taking place, and kind of kept tabs on it... but we didn't schedule our life around it. If we caught a game or two, great. If not, no big loss. This year, it's a little different. The World Cup schedule is on our fridge. Calendars have been cleared for specific game times. A football (soccer) jersey in a Spencer-friendly size is ready to be worn. And it's completely and totally due to the culture we've been lucky enough to incorporate into our family.

It's hard not to get caught up in the excitement the Korean community has around this event. It's almost impossible not to catch "world cup fever" after hearing the passion build over the past month or so. It's being discussed on the [Korean] news sites, blogs, and even at our local Asian market. Korean celebrities have been photographed sporting football (soccer) wear. And there is an insanely catchy music video out featuring the Korean pop band Super Junior (located below). So, tomorrow morning, you can expect us to be watching Korea take on Greece, chanting  "Ah Dae Han Min Kook!" and "Fighting!" right along the other Korean fans.

Here is the video. I dare you not to get this tune stuck in your head!

And, this video has a little bit of foreshadowing for another post I'm working on...