Have I mentioned that...

Train Bliss-2

{My kid loves trains}

I appreciate all the love and support that this post inspired. I {heart} you all. A lot has happened since then. We have a game plan in place, a lot of amazing people lined up to help in various ways, and a new outlook on the situation. The icing is the two fabulous days and nights that Spencer has given us in the sleep department. I've logged 18 hours (yes, EIGHTEEN) in the past two nights... which gives me a much rosier outlook on life. Especially considering the four nights before that were horrid. Like 3.5 hours total sleep horrid. I plan to write a sleep deprivation post sometime in the near future. In part, to get it off my chest... In part because I don't feel it is discussed enough. Well, at least not in my circles. [wink]

We're actively trying to come up with ways to tackle our "stressors" lists here. One of my stressors is how behind I've become on blog posts that I really do want to record for posterity. So, I'm going to start posting a lot of backdated posts, and hopefully you will all play along. Right?! Right?! So I'm going to be working through those... while I tackle my email backlog. I've finally caught up on everyone's blogs. I cut myself some slack and didn't comment as often as I normally do. It was necessary, but you have my apologies and hopefully you understand. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting my head above water. And it feels good.

The big news is that we are going to be in Chicago soonish. Very soonish. (I'm being intentionally vague since this is a public blog) Soooo, if you are in the Chicago-area and want to play, comment below and I will shoot you an email! (Some of you already know this, I know. Hey... I'm behind, ok?!)

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend!