2 from 2


Spencer is 22 months. Two months away from two years. I could go into the details of his current stats, and what he's doing... but I won't. (Although he *did* have a major growth spurt where he grew .75 inches in the last two weeks... that's more than what he normally grows in three months! Woot!) Anyway, that's not the type of post I have in my head...

I thought that when this milestone hit, I'd be sad... unable to believe my "baby" is growing up. Instead, that's not the case at all. I'm so excited to see what the next few months bring! While I enjoyed the first few months home with him, I can't really say they were that much fun. (OK, I'm sure the sleep deprivation also had something to do with that.) Then he got to be about 16 months old... and it became more of a joy to hang out with him all day. But this last month?! By far the most fun I've ever had. Not only is he fun to hang out with, he's a funny kid. (I fear we may be looking at a future class clown though...) His personality is really starting to develop, and I love watching it's progression. He's also really starting to grasp larger concepts and incorporate them into play. And nothing, absolutely nothing, can stop him from trying new things. Now, that doesn't mean we don't have our frustrations... but the pros are far outweighing the cons these days. So, in honor of being 2 months away from 2 years... 22 things I'm loving about him right now:

I just love how every day he's learning something new • I love how he mimics us right now, it's so funny to hear/see us as expressed by him • I love how he expresses himself in general, and how theatrical he can be • I love that he wants to go down the biggest slide at the park, but still needs me to kiss any "boo boos" that occur from falling on the ground after • I love how he wants to explore everything... usually with more than one sense (Which is great until he ends up with dandelions in his mouth) • I love how he'll engage with other people, and usually brings about a smile for everyone • I love how he will stop whatever he's doing and dance if he likes the tune playing • I love how he can figure out how to reach new heights, even if it does mean adding new locks to the doors • I love how he jumps up and down until he falls down... and then laughs until he can't breathe • I love seeing his little fingers poking up from the other side of the kitchen island, looking for something good to grab onto • I love how he can identify different trucks by sound alone (I have no idea how) • I love how he's developing personal tastes, and reflecting that in clothing choices, snack choices, and book choices (I will not love it when his clothing style differs from what I like though) • I love how much he enjoys animals, and how long he can sit and watch them at the zoo (a future zoo keeper perhaps?) • I love how his little voice sounds, especially when he's saying "mama" "zoo" "choo choo" or "please" • I love his little self-satisfied smirk when he's accomplished a new, or difficult, task (and I love his problem-solving skills that get him to that point, even if they never would have occurred to me!) • I love how he's just as much a junk-food junkie as I am • I love how he does the actions for twinkle, twinkle little star and the itsy bitsy spider... and how he makes sure you are watching • I love how he acts out the B@rney song, including the hugs and kisses from "me to you" part • Ok, I admit, I love all the hugs he gives in general... especially the ones where he grabs on so tight I can't breathe • I love how he's a little daredevil... even if it probably means stitches sooner rather than later • I love how he enjoys watching the world go by in his car seat (It's really a whole new world now that the car seat has flipped around) • I love how goofy he can be... and how goofy he can make me be

But mostly, I love how much better he makes my life. I love just being with him. I love living life through with him and through him.

I can't wait to see what the next 2, and 22, months bring!