On Saturday, we took a little road trip to H*Mart. It's quite a distance from our house, so while it's been open for several months now... it's been hard to find the time to go. (Since it's definitely a day trip for us.) We were really excited to get there, and our visit did not disappoint! It was all we had hoped for, and more. (With the one exception of no Korean alcohol being sold there. We were really hoping to stock up on OB beer.) Next time I go (and there *will* be a next time) I want to have a large shopping list in hand since they have many ingredients that we have had trouble finding at our local market. I also plan to bring the be*co, since it was really hard for Spencer to stay in the cart with so much to see, so Doug ended up carrying him for the most part. We got there right around lunch, so we made the food court our first stop (this was completely intentional). And for those of you who aren't familiar with H*Mart, yes... there's a food court in the market! And let's just say... it was amazing. It's a good thing we don't live closer... we'd be eating there all. the. time. Besides helping us with our food, Spencer got "king dumplings"... uh, yeah... I think they would classify as "king" sized!:


[These were delicious! I'd love to find them somewhere local since he chowed.]

Doug got  Kkanpunggi (I *think* this is how you write it... does anyone know for sure?! I'd love to attempt this at home.):

Kkanpunggi [Notice how there are two sets of chopsticks in here?! And how one piece of chicken is already missing?!]

And I got  Jajangmyeon  (this is for all of you "Coffee Prince" fans out there!):


And I would have to say that the Jajang was a hit with Spencer:

(Yeah, I had no idea he had another noodle stored in his chair either... but see what I mean about him people watching?!)

Then it was time to get down to business... and shop!


[I loved how the signs were all in Korean and English... what a great learning opportunity!]


[Snacks! We were pleased to find some variations of our favorite Korean snacks here.]




[I think the moment that I almost passed out was when I turned from the aisle of noodles and found an aisle of pastes... every kind you could possibly desire... I'm in love.]

Kimchi Aisle

[Doug and Spencer loved the kimchi aisle. We'll definitely get more the next time.]


[And Spencer and I petitioned hard core for a kimchi fridge. Alas, we did not win that battle...]

I really can't wait to go back and just stock up on certain things. While it won't replace my local Korean market... it's a great compliment to it. AND they had all sorts of sample stations. Those alone were worth the trip!

For those of you wondering if there were any Pororo purchases made... there were! (Or "Poo-Woh" as Spencer calls him!) He picked out a pair of "trainer" chopsticks as well as a cup. He was thrilled with his purchases, and he loves drinking from his "big boy" cup.  And, as if I didn't already know my hubby was great... when Spencer first spotted the Pororo merchandise and got all excited, Doug broke out into the "Pororo Dance" tune and danced Spencer around. Too cute!