Whatcha Talkin' About Spencer?!

As I mentioned recently, Spencer seems to be going through a "verbal" phase right now... And I swear he's learning a new word every day! It's awesome. He's also actively trying to repeat what we say, which is very encouraging... Although now I really *must* drop the "potty" words I use! While some of the words are only intelligible to mama and dada, what's more shocking is how many more are understandable to the general public. I was shocked the other day when i watched him carry on a whole conversation with "our" checker at the local market. Wow... He's really growing up. So, please excuse me while I brag for a moment... Here's our current word list: Hi, bye, mama, dada, doodles, bowl, spoon, eat, milk, bottle, juice, bop, rice, pop, yogurt, apple, cheese, eggs, chocolate, gum, cookie, cheez-it, drink, ice, yes, no, please, more, all done, thank you, this, that, shhh, hush, boo!, boom, oops, oh no, boo-boo, up, down, there, icky, do (as in "I do"), ah-choo (sneeze), eyes, teeth, cheek, head, hair, toes, boot, shoes, socks, brush, hat, bird, fish, doggie, house, outside, door, bed, potty, tubby, light, play, ball, bubbles, play-doh, color, puzzle, slide, Elmo, Barney... And, of course... The vehicles: car, truck, bus, digger, snow plow, tractor, mower, choo choo, beep, bike, garbage truck, airplane, boat, bulldozer (which is boobozah... Too cute.)

Whew! And as I was typing all of this out he added "hooray!" to the list. See what I mean about adding a new word every day?

And now a couple of random photos of Spencer using my dish towel to blow his nose...silly boy!

DSC_0175 DSC_0176 DSC_0179