And then...

We became a family. It's funny, as I look back on this day... this union... the memories that come flooding back aren't necessarily the sentimental or poignant ones. They're just the little things that make it "our" story.

I remember having the perfect morning, but really just wanting to get. on. with. it. already!

I remember the sense of relief when I immediately saw, and recognized, my son upon arriving at the agency.

I remember being shown into the room with the yellow couches and going "Here they are!" And the social worker laughing, knowing exactly what I must have meant.

I remember laughing (almost inappropriately) when Spencer spit up all over Doug almost immediately after being handed over.

I remember the look of concern on the Foster Mom's face when the social worker showed us the diapers she had packed. (When we tried to use one a little later, the concern made sense... they still to this day are too big!)

I remember thinking "What?! There's only one sheet with three sentences on it to sign?! Surely, that can't be right!" I guess after the piles and piles of paperwork we had to fill out throughout the process, I expected more.

(I also expected more information to be in the envelope that contained Spencer's "current schedule" and "personality report" ...)

I remember working very hard to hold it together when we (Doug) thanked Spencer's Foster Mother.

I remember the warmth of her leaning in when we took the photo below. And the smell of her laundry soap.

If I close my eyes, I can still feel her strong arms around me at the elevator, squeezing me tight, reassuring me that I could do this with the simple gesture of a hug.

I remember Spencer reaching out for Doug to take him as we left.

I remember the grasp Spencer had on the pocket of Doug's shirt as we walked down the street.

I remember Spencer trying to take every. single. thing. in. on our five minute walk back to the hotel... head turning side to side the whole time.

I remember Spencer being especially fond of the shadows of him and Doug as they walked.

I remember feeling my heart fill to the point of exploding with admiration, respect and love for this little baby who was handling it all so incredibly well.

I remember getting to our room and going "OK, now what?!"


And then...

... the journey began.