From the iPhone Archives...

I realized over the weekend that it's been a while since I've done an i*phone "dump" ... so while the last thing I should be doing is blogging, I am. Without further ado...

[This looks like it's the perfect size...]

[Who cares if it's Dora?!]

[Let's go!]

[First, and most important stop in the supermarket...]

[First, and most important stop, at the mall...]

[Riding the escalators with Dada while Mama raids the shoe dept.]

[And speaking of Mama's shoes...]


["Where did that other piece go?!"]

[A favorite pastime...]

[Picking out a cookie]

[I spy...piggies! (Attached to a sleeping boy...]

[On the way home from NYC...]

[Pasta Face]

[And another thing Mama!]

[Splinter removal stinks...]


[Thank you!]

[Sometimes, you just gotta sleep...]

[...even if your mouth is full of cookies!]

And waaaaayyyyy too many videos for one post. Sorry! (But if I don't do it now...)

Path Of Least Resistance Uploaded by 12450miles.

I Wanna Be Like Roxy Uploaded by 12450miles.

Hot Dog Uploaded by 12450miles.

And I made the mistake of showing Spencer the trailer for this show, and now we have to watch it more often than I care to. K-Town One Uploaded by 12450miles.

And I just love the head bob here...

K-Town Two Uploaded by 12450miles.