A year ago today we boarded a very pretty blue plane and traveled for 6,885 miles (that's 14 hours in case you are wondering) to Seoul. You can read the original post  here. Now, here I sit, a year later, reflecting back on that time. It's funny how vivid some things still are in my mind...

I still clearly remember the drive to my parent's house where we stayed the night before. It was pouring rain and the wipers on Doug's Pilot were so bad. I actually thought they were making the visibility even worse than it already was. I remember thinking to myself "Oh my god, we're going to end up crashing and never make it to Seoul!" (morbid, I know, but I was still waiting for that other shoe to fall) I remember being (illogically) angry at Doug for not thinking to replace his wipers. [wink]

I remember having to literally choke my breakfast down the morning we left for the airport, feeling so incredibly sick from the anxiety.

I remember setting a new land-speed record for reaching JFK airport from my parent's house.

And I clearly remember being the first ones in the check-in for Korean Air, having arrived way ahead of schedule. What did I do while waiting? I examined every adult Korean male wondering if my son was going to look like them when he grew up. (of course!)

I remember our seats at the gate that we spent hours in. I can still picture the store in front of us, the three ajummas across the aisle from us, and the stand where we got lunch. (Although, I can't for the life of me remember what we ate)

{I also can't remember a single movie I watched on the plane, and I've clearly blocked the length of the flight. I do remember the bibimbop though!}

I remember asking Doug at one point on the flight over "Do you think we'd be able to recognize Spencer if they just put us in a room full of babies?!" and that leading to a whole conversation where we wondered "what we thought he was like."

I remember exchanging our cash for [almost] 1,000,000 won.

I also remember the kind older couple who made sure we were in exactly the right spot to catch the KAL bus. I remember crashing as soon as I sat down and waking up terrified we had missed our stop.

While a great deal of it is fuzzy now, the memories that I do have remain crystal clear and come swooping back with such an intensity, I struggle to keep my balance... mostly, I find myself thinking:

It's been a whole year!? Wow.