Unfortunately, we're not getting much of those around here lately. We're in a "bad dream" phase or something around here. The wake-ups aren't as bad as they are when there's teething involved, but they are pretty bad in that Spencer won't go back into his crib and ends up sleeping on me, and only on me. (Which results in me not sleeping) So I've been *trying* to get to bed by 9 pm. (I've failed tonight) so I can get 4 hours or so under my belt before Spencer wakes up. Sad, no?! So while I have lots of thoughts and reflections on last year bouncing around in my head, I'm totally going to lame-out here and link you back to some posts from last year, this time. Like this one... and this one... and this one.

I find it funny to read the post from last Patriot's Day (April 20th last year, the last link above) since I clearly remember remarking to Doug at the end of the day that I felt *I* had just run a marathon of a very different nature than everyone else. Since most of you probably don't understand that comment, the Boston Marathon is held every year on Patriot's Day (which was today this year). So while we were sprinting towards getting our son, thousands of other people were also running through Boston with a very different goal in mind. [wink] Geez, it feels like just last month I made that remark... where has all the time gone?!

Speaking of time... this photo is from 1o months ago... wow.