And so it went...

A year ago today, three things happened:

  1. Spencer turned 9 months old (yup, that means he's 21 months old today!)
  2. We called the Visa Hotline and found out Spencer's Visa Interview was scheduled for the following Monday.
  3. We got our Travel Call.

And that was just in the morning! I can still remember pacing the floors during Doug's morning conference call, waiting for him to wrap up so we could call DC together. Then watching him call DC and having him tell me that the interview was scheduled. While we were still reeling from that news, our travel call came.... less than twenty minutes after hearing the words "Your son's interview is scheduled for Monday" we were hearing the words "Your son is ready for you to go get him!" Uhm, what?! To say we were shocked would be an understatement. We were one of the very lucky families who flew through the process post-referral. Our Travel Call came exactly two months after our Referral Call and just a mere 6 weeks after our acceptance went to Korea. Crazy.

I'd be lying if I told you happiness was the only feeling at that moment. While we were completely overjoyed with the news, we were also completely overwhelmed by it. We'd been told on numerous occasions that we would travel no sooner than three months after Korea received our acceptance. (Which would have been June 2nd at the earliest according to that timeframe.) I tried to challenge that notion when we learned our P3 went to SWS, but was told the same thing. So when we received the call just one week later, I'd say that we were a little shocked. I guess you know you're not showing the proper reaction when your social worker says "You realize this is good news, right?!" multiple times during the Travel Call.

We spent the rest of the day rescheduling business travel (Doug) and lining up freelancers to finish open projects (me). And of course, making travel arrangements and calling family. As we started wrapping up and rescheduling business, we started to get excited. The excitement grew as we started making travel plans. By that evening we were at the point where I looked at Doug and said, we're not going to be sleeping until we get to Korea. And I was right. And we haven't really slept since. Funny how that works, no?

Over the next 11 days, you can expect a lot of flashback posts from me as I work up to the anniversary of our Family Day.

In honor of this big anniversary, I've finally put our adoption timeline (complete with links back to the original posts about the events) here. (I've also made several password-protected posts public...)

I guess I should really start that "Family Forever" video, huh?!