Friday Fun : Finally... the winners!

So, remember this little competition/giveaway I hosted way. back. when. ???

Well, in my sleep-deprived haze, I thought I had posted the winners post, but apparently had only drafted it, and never hit the publish button.


SO, a very belated announcement follows (copied from the original post):

After multiple unsuccessful attempts at Spencer picking the winning name out of an Easter basket, I've decided to go the old school route of "random number integer" for the first winner. (And if you are wondering what went wrong, just imagine Spencer high-tailing it out of the room with the basket, little pieces of paper flying everywhere.) So the winner of the drawing is #25... Jenna!


Then, if you'll recall, we had a winner for the best caption, chosen by my friend Courtney. (Could I use any more commas in that sentence? Is that even a sentence? I don't know. I'm tired... can you tell?!) And she chose Janet! Janet's caption was : “Hey Spencer…we can totally take her…she’s just a girl after all. She’s not even paying attention. You distract her with your handsome smile & quick wit while I steal her Easter basket. One, two, three…KIMCHEE!!” I should say here that I don't envy Courtney at all... there were a lot of great ones in there, and she had several faves, but kept coming back to Janet's.

Now, what's the prize you might ask?! This:


[a handcrafted shirt with a design of your choosing for your lil' one(s).] (And yes, this prize was completely inspired by my now real-life friend Kelly!)

Janet & Jenna... I'll be in touch to talk specifics - congrats ladies!

*   *   *   *   *   *

And, just for fun, here's a little video I shot on Saturday while we were in the car. It's on the way back from the KASY picnic (almost done with that post!) and our very exhausted boy was still apparently on a party high (we have no idea what he was laughing at).

Car Giggles 2 Uploaded by 12450miles.

Car Giggles Uploaded by 12450miles.