The Tot Lot

On Monday, we headed up to Boston to visit one of my good friends, Mina. Upon our arrival at her house, she and I spent some time catching up while Spencer showed her all the things he could damage and/or break. (kidding. kind of.) She surprised me by having a delicious lunch prepared. It's not often I sit down for lunch so the combination of having it prepared and served for me was pure bliss. After lunch we headed over to a local institution and grabbed some coffees to enjoy while we were at the "Tot Lot." Now, we don't have "Tot Lots" here, and man... am I missing out! Not to mention Spencer. I think we were there for almost three hours, and Spencer was going non-stop the whole time. There were just so many things there for him that were the perfect size for him. I'm not really surprised that he protested leaving. After the tot lot we went back to Mina's where she had dessert for us... an amazing panna cotta topped with fresh berries. Mmmm... After that, we jumped in the car to head home before the traffic started, and guess who was fast asleep before you could say "Hey Mr. Knickerbocker, I like the way that you boppity bop"?? Yup, that silly Spencer. So I had a very peaceful ride home that was sooo nice. Unfortunately, that meant Spencer was still up at 8:30 that night. Ugh. Oh well... it was completely worth it! Without further ado... the photos!


{Our adorable hostess}


{First stop, the sandbox!}


{Where we got sand in our eye...}


{And felt the need to keep one eye closed for a few minutes.}


{Then we climbed through tunnels...}


{And peeked through bars...}


{One of the biggest hits was the big steering wheel.}


{And playing "house" with Mina... this was one of many houses they played in.}


{After posing for a few photos...}


(look familiar Kelly?!)


{We spent a long time on the absolute favorite attraction of the day...}


{The covered slide!}

[A note: Spencer was whipping down this thing! He'd fly out and land @ three feet away - crazy!]


{Thanks for the fun time Mina!!}