NYC : Day 2

We started our morning the same as we did on Day 1. We got ready, had breakfast, then hit up the playground. It actually worked really well for Spencer to have some "crazy time" before settling into the be*co carrier and starting the day with our friends. Kelly & Jon met us at our hotel, and we decided that first things should be first... and we set out for Momofuku Noodle Bar.


We trekked over on foot and found there was no wait. (SCORE!) For those of you that don't know, this was one of the few *to do* items. And it did not disappoint. I'm actually salivating just thinking about the meal. We started with the famous pork buns and a jar of pickled vegetables. Then Doug and Kelly had the spicy noodle dish, Jon had the ramen, and I had the ginger scallion noodle dish. We all ended the meal with an olive oil and pickled cherry ice cream twist. (Yes, I know that may sound gross.... but it wasn't!) I don't actually have the words to describe how good the meal was. It's a good thing I don't live in the city because I would be there once a week. Mmmmm....

DSC_0126 DSC_0130

[A list of where all the ingredients come from...] DSC_0128

{My view of the kitchen from my seat...}

DSC_0129-2 DSC_0133

[I like this picture cause it's just so weird...see the guys in the reflection?!]

Both of our families own the Momofuku cookbook, and I think it's safe to say we're fans. It was fabulous to try the food firsthand. I'm kind of obsessed with all things David Chang right now, and am completely inspired to try some of the more intensive recipes in the cookbook now. (And I want to re-read the narrative again...)

An aside: This was, of course, the time that Spencer ended up with a leaky [pee] diaper. That was an interesting diaper changing situation for me. I won't go into specifics... but let's just say the bathrooms are less than ideal for a diaper change, but the hand dryers work wonderfully on the wet clothing.


{"Kelly, we need to get one of those taxis, kay?!"}



Afterwards, we grabbed a cab and headed up to "Korea Way." The main sight there for us was Kyoro Books. Where we found these:


[DVDs of a k-drama we love!]


I also found a couple of other goodies for Spencer that I'll put in another post. I could have spent a whole day there. Seriously. I'm trying to figure out how to wrangle another trip into the city by myself to visit there again... and spend the whole day there. It just had *so* many things...

We found yet another playground and let Spencer play for a little bit...

DSC_0161 DSC_0155

{"More playing, please!"}

Next, we headed down to Tribeca to meet up with Kelly P. and Craig who had arrived in town. Yet another afternoon of Spencer tearing the hotel lounge up. [wink] We all hung out in the lounge and chatted while Doug and I took turns chasing Spencer around.

Upon meeting both Kelly and Kelly, I never really felt like I was "meeting" them. I know that sounds weird, but I really felt like I knew them already from their blogs. It was just as though I was seeing them "live and in person" ... not as though I was getting to "know" them. They also made it seamless for me to slip in and out of conversation as needed for Spencer care, which I so appreciate!

It was funny how taken the bellmen were with Spencer at this hotel. One of them actually said he looked exactly like him when he was younger (so you know I was studying him closely) and the other two were more than happy to play games with him and entertain him. They told him how to get to the "Ghostbuster" fire station (and yes, he and Doug went) and they taught him a fun clapping game (that I've completely forgotten). He charmed them into giving them a "schwag bag" as well, filled with goodies that the young guests receive upon check-in at that hotel. I swear, those bellman made the "Spencer factor" a lot less stressful for us. Love. Them.

After chatting for a while (I really did miss out on way too much conversation) we headed over to a restaurant Kelly C. had found, Do Hwa. It was really fun to "expose" Kelly and Craig to some Korean food. I always love sharing my son's culture with anyone who is interested. And since Kelly P. follows so many AP blogs that have Korean children, she was a very willing participant. (So was Craig!) We had a family style meal that consisted of Kimchi pancakes, Jap Chae, Bulgogi, and Bibimbop. And lots and lots of ban chan of course! (The little side dishes) Another fabulous Korean meal.... I loved it! Doug and I also got to display our excellent "passing the cranky baby" skills. [wink] And we really appreciate the understanding of our travel mates!


{"Did I have fun with the two Kelly's and the boys?!"}


{"Uh, yeah!"}

Doug, Spencer and I headed back to the hotel after dinner. (One of us was very cranky at that point) But we all ended up crashing early... which was good, because Day 3 was a day filled with lots of walking...