NYC : Day 1

[Yup, I'm totally breaking the trip down. Apparently, WP doesn't like when you have more than fifty photos in one post. Go figure!] So, here we go...

Hotel View 1

{The view of Jersey from our window... I loved it!}


{Spencer enjoyed watching the boats and buses and trucks while we were getting ready in the morning.}

We woke up on the first day to a beautiful NYC day. After getting ready and having breakfast, Spencer and I headed over to a playground that Doug found on his first day in the city. It was AWE.SOME. Literally a two minute walk from the hotel, right on the water, and really empty in the mornings. Plus, it had all sorts of different things in there to explore, climb on, and run by.


{Funny playground statue}


{"Ooo, shovel!"}


{View from the playground}

While we were at the playground, we got a text from Kelly C. saying that she was ready to meet up. She popped on down to our hotel and we chatted for a few minutes before heading out. We just started walking north and eventually wound up by Grey Dog where we grabbed some yummy lunch and iced coffees. Spencer showed Kelly how difficult it could be to wrangle him and eat, but he did a fabulous job helping her on her fruit salad! (Thankfully, she wanted the help that Spencer was offering.) After lunch, we walked across the street to a little fountain area and finished our iced coffees before continuing north to Magnolia Bakery. As we were walking, I got a text from Doug saying he was done with work for the day and wanted to meet up as well. (Interesting how he finished up just in time for the cupcakes, no?!) While we waited for Doug to join us, we took some photos in front of Magnolia...


Kelly & Spencer!


So Doug met us in front of Magnolia and took over Spencer-wrangling duties while Kelly and I went inside to grab some cupcakes for everyone. Thank goodness the timing of Doug's arrival happened as it did. I can't even imagine holding Spencer, picking out cupcakes and not dying in the tiny, sweltering shop!


{I loved the aprons...}

DSC_0104 DSC_0105 DSC_0106



{"Make sure you get me a good one!"}


{"Now go pay!"}

After paying for our goodies, we all headed across the street to a playground. (Spencer got to check out many playgrounds in the city) Spencer ran around, and Doug chased him, while Kelly and I enjoyed our cupcakes. Then Spencer got wind of the fact that there were goodies to be had and the boys came to have their sweets.

Spencer played for a while, and then we packed up and started heading back downtown... keeping our eyes open for a place for Doug to grab a bite to eat since he hadn't had lunch yet. That's when eagle-eye Kelly saw this place:


She had read about New York Hot Dog and Coffee and mentioned that you could get a hot dog with kimchi on top. That sounded intriguing so we hightailed it over there to check it out. Doug ended up trying the Bulgogi Dog (topping it with kimchi of course) and really enjoyed it.


Spencer was really intrigued and decided to help him out:


{"Hmmm... what's this?!"}


{"Ooo! Hot Dog!"} {And yes, Spencer stuck the fork in there and yanked it out all on his own.}


{"But Dada, I don't want to put it back!"}

I also got a kick out of the signage in there:

DSC_0112 DSC_0113 DSC_0119 DSC_0120 DSC_0121

By that point, Jon was done for the day so we headed back to their hotel to meet. We spent the rest of the afternoon terrorizing the patrons and staff hanging out in the lounge of their hotel and chatting. Jon and Kelly had dinner plans that evening, so we decided to try a pizza place close to our hotel that had been recommended to me at the playground that morning. (I highly suggest hitting up the playground where you are staying and striking up conversation with some of the other mothers/caretakers there... I got all sorts of good tips!) We had a delicious brick oven pizza and headed back to the hotel for an early night, and to rest up for our next day in the big city!

Day 2 coming soon...